how do i prepare my daughter for school

Lisa - posted on 02/05/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




she may have to go to main stream she has limited understanding and can't seem to make friends how do i help her? also has anyone been through the statement process


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Christine - posted on 02/06/2010




Hi Lisa, I would as soon as possible go to the school and make an appointment to go see the principal and special education teacher of the school your daughter plans to attend to see how the process works. The secretary may also give you some feedback on the process. I would also ask permission to see if your daughter could get a special tour of the school before school starts. The more information you provide ahead of time to the school about your daughter the more prepared the school is help your daughter. Please note I am Canadian and I am not sure how the American statement process works. Sincerely, Christine

Michaux - posted on 02/05/2010




I take it you dont have a autism program in your school???? if she has a limited understanding its going to be very hard for her. She has a right to an education and a safe school enviroment but you are going to have to make sure they ( the teachers) understand how she copes with stressers and such....or you most likely going to get called for every little behavioral thing......I would get a tour of the school, her classroom, luchroom, she knows where things are....also see if they have a mentoring program....good luck

Tracy - posted on 02/05/2010




Well.. I am currently having lots of issues with schooling for my five year old. It's a process, if they are going to main stream her, then I have a few tips I wish I knew. If she is the worst in the class and the teacher is not understanding of her condition.. don't be a fraid to pull her out! She needs a good first experience at school. Lots of time it takes a few days at school before they realize whether it is a good fit for your child or not. Has she had any preschool or anything? We did not get him in a preschool and could have found things out a lot sooner than we did. Currently I pulled my son out of a very large class of preschoolers that was in a very play oriented atmosphere. If your daughter has trouble with busy settings, she should be in a small calm class. Just remember that you are your childs advocate, teachers do NOT know it all.. not even half of it and you will always be the expert on your child. Always weigh your decisions carefully and trust your gut.. you're mom, you really do know best!

Next I suggest starting school at home asap to get her used to what to expect. There's lots of sites with worksheets and things. Practice with circle time and raising your hand nad things like that. You can also role play with puppets on how school will be. There are a lot of computer games that are set in school w/school activities, any shows about school or anything else like that. Then my last tip, tell her what to expect, each day and as issues arise, remind her before she leaves each day what is expected of her. Never criticize, only praise, and drink alcohol atleast once a week.. kidding, lol! Good luck to you really, I'm going thru the same thing here so I certainly don't have all the answers but am always happy to lend an ear if you need one!!

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