How i solved my five year old agression

Sofia - posted on 12/27/2018 ( no moms have responded yet )




He started biting himself around four, that scalated into biting others around five and by almost six he was also pulling hair, it was the biggest nightmare for me since he always was a happy calm child. I had heard about parasites and did not worry too much because multiple fecal tests never showed anything, it was when ablood test showed eosinophils way out of range that I definitely though this got to be a parasitic infection undetected. It happens all the time, because they hide on biofilm in the intestines and some parasites are microscopic which makes it even harder. That explained his low fever episodes without reason, his body has been fighting we this infection for long time!!!@!
I had heard about MMS but put it on my notebook as a note and continue with other protocols. I was a little afraid because the google comments, when I went to youtube and I saw so many testimonials I had not doubt. I started slowly with one drop and right now we are currently in 4 drops. I read the book Healing the Symptoms known as Austims, is imperative to read it , there is a lot before you start and also some food and supplements that need to be avoided while doing it.
I just felt personally that the recommended doses might be to high and I am planning to leave my child around five or six drops a day. I started the enemas too, one drop per 4 ounces, great success. Before I was doing fleet enemas daily , that by the way is VERY VERY IMPORTANT, while you do the protocol make sure they go to the bathroom daily, daily, or toxins will casue way too much discomfort, that and some stomach binders, I use GI detox ( Charcoal / Clay) and my boy is doing ok so far. The MMS is sold mostly as water disinfecting drops because is not FDA approved, remember is two bottles to mix and make the solution. So again, very very important , make sure they go to the bathroom once a day, enemas are great and not difficult, don't be afraid of them, give them the binder, lot of water , I add to the water Quinton Essentials minerals or other ocean water, Which is very recommended in the protocol.
THis is what had helped my boy the most after long three years, and I feel is my job to share it with other moms who suffer. Medical community is not on your side is all about us,

Good Luck!

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