I don't understand? Poop in pants for hours

Marissa - posted on 04/30/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My almost 5 year old has been potty trained since he last January of 09. We are looking at a possible diagnosis of Aspergers and a genetic syndrome called 16p11.2 duplication (We did the bloodwork last week). We have a 2 year old with PDD_NOS and a genetic syndrome called 16p11.2 duplication.

At any rate, my son keeps holding his poo and as a result has been since August. It's getting bad again to the point where he won't let us know when he had an accident and would rather sit in it. He sat for HOURS today in his feces. I don't know what to do?! Before he was hiding it, I would clean him up matter-of-factly because he has a side affect from holding it where it comes out on it's own, encopresis.

We've upped his fiber intake, given him laxitives, tried miralax, tried pedilax and nothing is working! The fiber just makes more seep out, the laxitives work once and no more, the miralax gave him gas pains but nothing else and the pedilax caused him to have it run all the way down his leg....cue in the anxiety....and now he won't take it any more.

I'm running out of ideas. He's got excema and it usually is on his butt; sitting in his own poop doesn't help.


Donna - posted on 05/01/2010




sounds like my daughter, but she smears it if she gets a chance to. i have just been matter of fact with her, she is almost 7 now and the deal is that if she does it she cleans it up herself but in the background i am there to guild and assist of course but i cant get a doctor to even look at her to give her a diagnosis of any kind. i wish you luck witht he issue and if you find something that works please le tme know..... i wouldlove to find more options for our situationa s well....

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