I have a son with PDD/NOS (autistic), He is now 18 years old....

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I couldn't even begin to tell you what a journey it has been with my PDD son!! I have learned how to get into his world, take him by the hand and walk him out into our world. It took me four years to GET into his world.

My son stopped eating at 3 years old..... I had to teach him how to eat....all kinds of food... even watermelon, strawberries, bananas.... he's 18 and we are still working on fish.

Our journey is not over yet.... but I have learned so much during these years. It would be my pleasure to help anyone get into thier child world and pull your child out.

Believe it or not..... sometimes I'm lying on my bed reading and my son comes into my room and lies down with me, he actually puts his head on my legs and allows me to caress his head. I am so overwhelemed with each moment we have together where we just talk and reason.... I cherish each and every second.



Jessica - posted on 11/22/2008




Wow, my son has PDD also. We diagnosed him at 2. He is now five, there are so many different types of this and different ways to get into their sweet little worlds. Fortunantly my son is very high functioning but my heart goes out to the other mothers that deal with the many different ways this disorder has affected our lives now. If you wouldn't mind what are some of the things your sweet angel does? Or has done? I would love to get some pointers? Thank you so much.


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