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Hi I have a 4.5 yr old boy who has social emotional and behaviour problems. He also was born with a very rare condition called epispadias which is a defect to his willy and his bladder. His behaviors is more of a problem at school although going out to shops is a nightmare too or if one of his older brothers (he has 2 one is 12 the other is 9.5) do something like turn the TV over he will shout and get angry and lash out which is not aloud. This is a little about him as one teacher in nursery has mentioned he shows sings of Asperger's and just dont no how we find out if this is what he has Anyway
He talks very well and all the teachers comment on how grown up is vocabulary is the nursery staff say hes quite bright. He cant interacted or form relationships or friends with kids his own age and also seems to be in his own world acting out things in his head he always plays alone he finds it hard to share and take turns He has massive meltdowns when he has to do something he think isn't the right time.He is very load when he has these. He finds it hard to cope when other kids come near to where hes playing and if they start using the same thing this can sometime course a meltdown eg at nursery he was playing with the water table with some blue water and another child came up and started to play with the same water and he started screaming at said child (hard to explain) He can come in at the start of a section and if hes not happy he will swipe everything off the tables or turn all the puzzles out. he was an IEP has TAC meetings in on SEC and they are trying to get him a statement as they say he needs 1-1 help they also say having his there in class is like walking on egg shells. The only problem I have is that as hes been through a massive op to corrected his epispadias (over 5.5 hours) they tend to think this is making him angry and cross and hes still in nappies as this condition makes you incontinent . we have never seen him without epispadias so dont no whats linked to that and whats not or weather hes just a naughty boy. He is very cut his nosey off to spite his face sort of boy if something doesnt go how he thinks it should he will say something he wants he now doesnt if that makes sense. eg hes going out with nanny later and he cant wait but he just went to stand on my 9yr old tummy and I said No he got cross and said ring up nanny I'm not going now but if you go to get the phone to ring her he said No i want to now :oS and hes like this all day at different things. He doesnt seem to have any fear as if hes not happy in a shop he will just turn round and walk / run off out the shop and would quite happily walk home on his own even if he doesnt no the way. God there's just some many things really. He sound so bad but he really is a lovely little boy. My mum things its so bad we are trying for a statement also thinks I'm mad to think there's something wrong as she heard hes bright and thats it you cant be bright and have aspergers and said he talks to well so am i right to be worried ( looking at all this i have written i think I'm right to) or am i being OTT.
Also how do i go bout having him tested for asperegers or other conditions

So so sorry for writing soooo much :o(
Amanda xx


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Alice - posted on 06/03/2010




I have boys with autism, so I don't really know, but it sure sounds like it could be asperger's.
My husband has a touch of Aspergers, and he has done well in life, although he is quite a character!

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Hi Amanda,

I have a child with autism. I am also a teacher (20 years) and many of those years spent in special ed.

Aspberger's syndrome is part of the family of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Children with aspberger's are often characterized as "speaking like little professors." As Heather stated, they are often VERY bright. Children with classic autism have DELAYS in communication and then the social/emotional aspect. Aspies can stun you with their verbal skills....but then, something goes wrong/out of routine and they just can't handle it. The high intelligence and verbal skills is what can confuse people because they think, he's so smart, why can't he just handle it?

I agree with Heather than you should get your child assessed.

Good luck,


Heather - posted on 06/03/2010




First I understand. What you are describing is much like what my son was like when he was little and he has Aspergers. Second tell you mom that most people with Aspergers Syndrome have IQs int he very superior to genius range and the intelligence doesn't rule out a disability. Find a psychiatrist or Psychologist that specializes in evaluating children with these kinds of disabilities. your nursery school may be able to recommended someone. Have him evaluated. There are many test they will ahve to do a nd it will be a long day for him so be prepared to bring food and some of his favorite toys with you (along with a book to read as you may not be allowed in the room while testing is going on as you would be a distraction) and be prepared for a tired and cranky kids when they are through. Take care and my God keep you close during this time.

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