Looking for Sarah or other moms with similar circumstances

Ms. Brigitte - posted on 12/22/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello, I just joined this community today in hopes to find a Mom named Sarah who had posted about her PDD/ autistic son who was 13 in 2010 (about 20 now). Her story seemed very close to mine with my son and would like to know if her plan of action back in 2010 worked out.

My 13 year-old son, Bela, was diagnosed with Autism when he was about 3 1/2 and was put on varying medications, including respiridol, over the years. While he has slowly progressed in his education, he does have violent meltdowns about once a month. USUALLY these meltdowns are prompted by him not getting his way about something, but once in a while they are completely random and seem unprompted by something else. He is taller than I am now, and he has a petite little sister who is 10 years old. When he lashes out, he attacks my daughter and our tiny dogs first, and then goes for me as soon as I see what’s going on and rush to their aid. He is very violent and strong during his meltdowns, and his “spells” can last anywhere from 15-60 minutes. He has to be physically restrained at these times until the spell passes. Other than these spells, he is a very well mannered, clean and quiet semi-verbal (with about the speech equivalency of a four year-old) young teen. He does what he’s told, helps with chores (under verbal direction) and is pleasant. But, I am terrified that one day he might hit and even kill one of our pets or even put my daughter, myself, or an unsuspecting stranger in the hospital. Sarah, the Mom I am reaching out to, mentioned that her son was put on Paxil and two other medications. I am wondering if those worked for her. Her story seemed very similar to mine. ~Thank you!

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