My 8 yr son has asperger's

Kimberley - posted on 06/19/2009 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son was diagnosed with asperger's syndrom last fall 2008.After a few years of ancious moments at not having answers for the behaviours and habits he was exibiting.It was such a relief to finally have a name put to it.I had alot of fears in the beginning as to how we were going to go forward with this ,and how he was going to be as an adult.With the medication,help and assistance from the school board(which I can tell you has been a great blessing,and greatly appreciated),understanding from friends and familty,and research.I have come to discover he is just like any other child w/o it.He just has to learn how to learn,and take new challenges,and experiences slower with loving patience one step at a time.In time he will learn how to control it like a child who stutters.He also stutters,and again the school board came to the rescue,and has been very helpful with this as well.Once he learns all these things he will be able to function normally as an adult.He'll always have aspergers but will be able to function with it because he will have all the tools in place that help him learn,and socialize in sociaty.

My biggest godsend through this experience has been my son Christian.He knows he has some challanges,and he'll tell you that ,and now he wants to learn,he wants push himself to do better because he knows it will help him.I think these are going to be the hardest days for him because of his age.Unfortunately kids his age can be very cruel when they don't understand his situation.But we are working through these situations as best we can with the awareness of the school board.Thankfully he has a handfull of friends who understand and surprisingly have been very supportive and understanding with him even at their young ages.With all this I have come to realize that he will be ok,and is going to be ok.Thats all I have ever wanted to know or worried about.

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