My child was recently diagnosed

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Im Brianna and my sons name is Brayden. My child started to regress at 15 months of age. With help from his early intervention, and now his therapies he has progressed so much. He's only 2 1/2 now. I love him with all of my heart but I get so overwhelmed. Not in front of him of course. I just feel sad he can't "mama" or "I love you". I worry about him and his nutrition. He is a head strong picky eater. He has a hard time communicating what's wrong and he gets frustrated/aggressive, it breaks my heart. I get frustrated when people think I'm being a bad parent that my child is "out of control ", but aggression is his way of showing me what's wrong. I wish more people understood autism. He's developed separation anxiety, he relies heavily on me. But I wouldn't change him for anything. Autism doesn't own him, he owns autism. I've never met someone so sweet, happy, and as lovable as him. He is my miracle.


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Awww.... LOVE your attitude Brianna! My 21yo is on the spectrum took, high functioning but it took him a long time to be able to express what's wrong when something is and sometimes he still can't verbalize it to us. Brayden will go far because of your love and the help you are getting him - so try to just ignore those people who think you're a bad parent - they just don't get it. Sadly you'll find that even those who should be your biggest supporters like family won't always understand either. Find those people who do and understand and spend your time with them! :-)

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