My Eldest Son With Autism

Joni - posted on 11/02/2008 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a 25 yr old mother from Thunder Bay Ontario. My son is autistic, he was diagnosed in Dec 2007. Hasn't been a year yet since he was diagnosed. But I knew from whenhe was 12mths there was something that wasn't right. I don't like saying the phrase "something wrong" He was born with this, and it's all he knows himself to be. I had him screen by a free service here in Thunder Bay called Fair Start. I'm glad I did go, they referred him to The Children Centre. Which they observed him in daycare - which at the time he was in a pirvate home daycare. And was observed in their setting in their office. After reviewing him, they told me he was a few months delayed and at a 9mth level. And social interaction and speech therapy while help him along. At first it was little bumpy since he had seperation anxiety, but got used to being at this new daycare. For a year he did very well, was specking and interacting. But he had lost his spot due to lack of attendance from being sick. So a few weeks after not attending daycare he stopped talking and began to fear me being away from him. And once that happened I called in for another assessment. Nothing had really changed, but there was some progress but lost it once he stopped going to daycare. Once again our worker set him up into a daycare near our home. They observed him until they were able to observe himinthe office. Which to our luck a spot came avaliable. He was again obsevred by the Autism team, and within a week they called me in for their results. My heart hasn't raced that fast in my life. As they were talking I knew the were gonna be giving me the answer Ihad been looking for a year and a half. And they did, once the said He does infact have autism. At that moment I wanted to cry in relieve and also cry that the fact my child has been diagnosed with something. As parents, it's hard to hear things about your child that involves inabilities. My son hadn't been able to egknowledge pain for awhile. Or egknowledge people aound him. But now with his speech therapy and constant route of daycare and school, he likes being around peers his age. I know he still has a bumpy road ahead of him. With sites and programs and such I or my son won't be out of reach for help. If anyone wants to comment feel free :D


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Hello, my youngest son who turned five this year was also diagnosed with autism. He was diagnosed in January of this year. He has a heart defect and had other issues at birth. They told us he only had a twenty percent chance to make it. I think the signs of autism were there for a while. Honestly, I chalked them up to all the stuff he went through at the beginning. Maybe it was really denial, I don't know. For the longest time, the follow up program told he had a global developmental delay. Well, all that time they were wrong. He is non-verbal and not toilet trained. Right now in kindergarten and receives various therapies. He has made improvements but without that structure and routine, heaven help me! People don't understand how important that is to a child with autism. I started a blog myself as kind of a way to educate people and also to vent frustration. Girl, let me tell you it has helped! I also made a video about him to help raise money for Autism Speaks. If you would be interested in viewing it just let me know. If you need anything, just let me know.

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