My son has PDD-NOS (ASD) with ADHD and his therapist doesn't seem to be helping with concerns.

Danielle - posted on 05/15/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 4 yrs old. DS has been speech delayed since 16 months old and has been in a program ever since. This past schoo year he has been in what they call a ECSE preschool program.His behavior has been poor, not followed directions nothing. FInally got an appointment with a child psychiatrist, but first he had to have a evaluation. First 5 mins of being in a tiny room with the lady who was doing the evalation asked me how I felt about meds, because DS was kicking, biting me, flicking the lghts off and on and screaming fits. Then it took 3 weeks before I saw a therapist who didn't say or do much. Then I was told it wouldn't been until july (mind you this was in March) until DS would be seen by a child psychiatrist. After my peds called and pushed for a closer date. We finally saw a child psychiatrist 2 weeks later. During that session, within 10 mins the child psychiatrist asked me is anyone ever talked to me about Autism. I of course was mad (because i question it for years and was told no). Finally after I went back a month later to see the therapsit she gives me a booklet to read about Asperger's. Then jsut recently I get a report saying my son is PDD-NOS with ADHD. I ask her "what does it all mean" and I get no answers. The last 3 weeks my son has been acting up again. He was calming down since being put on Kapvay, but lately at school he is pushing, spitting and hitting his classmates which he never use to do. And he is back to not wanted to sit during "circle time" or sit and finish art work and such.

I addressed my concerns and DS's teacher's concerns to the therapist last friday she said nothing. We spend the whole 45 min session with her putting DS in a adult fitting chair, putting his knees up to his chest and pushing on his legs . She claims its for sensory and to get him to understand he needs to sit. DS cried and cried. She wanted me to do the same and my son cried more and refused to sit. The therapist booted me out of the room and my husband stayed. She made some comment about how he acts different when I am not in the room. My husband said DS would sit, but not with his back up against the chair, but she kept yelling at him. All in All we left and don't plan on going back. But after the session DS had several meltdowns when he was told to sit in his car seat, in the grocery cart and at the dinner table. He was worse off in behavior yesterday and today.

One of the staff memebers involved in DS IEP said she doesn;t think there was enough testing done to prove ASD. I feel there wasn;t either. We are going though our states community health dept for therapy services but we are in the evaluation stage.

Guess I am asking is should I report this therapist.? She is rather rude when I have questions. And explains everything in medical terms I don't understand. Everytime I asked her about something a friend said or a mother I know who has a ASD child she would tell me not to listen to anyone who isn't a professional. I once told her that DS peds and teachers said they didnt believe ASD was a factor this therapist bit my head off saying " They are not professionals, I am" And my son hates the dark or a dark room she HAS to have the lights off in her office and DS flips out about it. She says he needs to get use to the dark. I feel that is wrong? I'm I wrong?

I just feel my son is suffering because I can't get a correct diagnoses and get him the right treatment. We are hoping this Communtiy health program will work out better.


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Realizing this post is a few years old, I thought I would still put in my two cents. My daughter went undiagnosed with PDD-NOS and Chiari-Malformation for 19 years. During those 19 years she had seen roughly 13 Psychologists and about 11 Psychiatrists. My experience has taught me this, IF you find yourself "wondering" if a mental health professional should find another career, then they probably should. Your gut instinct as a mother of a child with special needs should never be ignored.

Michelle - posted on 05/15/2012




oh my, that is awful, and yes you should report her. I think she is being very unporfessional, and it should be brought to someones attention, hope you can find the answers you are looking for, to help your son. Good luck to you, and go with your feeling even if it takes longer,you want to make sure your son and family is getting the best help you can.

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