my son is very strong does not feel pain the amount of kids 3 times his age he has dropped

Fiona - posted on 01/10/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is very strong does not feel pain the amount of kids 3 times his age he has dropped to the ground scares me he is only 3 years old, i'm scared of what he might be like in the next couple of years he hits me alot when i hold his arms so he can't hit me he head butts me, he has started dropping kids to the ground and putting an arm around there neck and holding very tight i need both hands to pull him off the child, if i take him out he runs away, most of the time does not look when i call his name, i don't like taking him out i try to take him to kids play house every couple of weeks where it is safe for him and he can't run away but the last couple of times i went there he has got in fights with kids and most were older . i am very scared of him hurting another child i pull him off i child and then he keeps trying to chase them he does not forget and when he can't hurt them he starts hurting him self or me.

what can i do ?


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Kelly - posted on 01/19/2010




I can relate also as my 3 year old can be like this at times. His Occupational thesepists made him a weighed vest that was 1% of his body weight that he wore when out in public. It helped alot and it gave him the stimulation he was looking for. We ended up very rarely needing it as he learnt to get the stimulation a safe way. I agree with the "work" idea as my son loves to push things around to relieve tension also. I hope it gets better for you

Christina - posted on 01/15/2010




I completely understand your fear and concern. I am in the same boat, but it would do me no good to take my son (he is 5) to a therapist he doesn't talk all that much. And I am not sure how I feel about meds yet, he is still so young. He is so strong that he can lay on the floor and pick up my husband (140lbs) with his legs. So believe me when I say I completely understand your fear for yourself and other kids that your son is around. Right now he seems to do okay when he has more gross motor play( running around outside, playing on the playground) or even what I call work; pulling a wagon with some weight in it, or putting a backpack on him with sand bags (start with 5 or 10lbs.) in it and having him carry it around. Put something in it that you "need" so he thinks he is helping you. But make sure you take that thing out and use it though, it makes him feel proud to be helping you. This seems to also help with behavior in stores also. I know how strange this sounds but it has really worked for me. I have found that it also helps when he is acting out. The behavior seems to stem from sensory issues or being unable to communicate what he wants or needs. So we are still working on his communication but giving him that "work" or just wearing him out works wonders. I really hope this helps let me know if it works for you.

Connie - posted on 01/11/2010




Humm....I thought I was reading about my little boy there for a seconed. My little boy is 9 years old, and He was exactly like that....I took him to see a child Psycolagist and a counsilor. It took a while but he was soon able to tell them why he hurts people or why he hurts himself, then we slowly try to change his way of thinking. we work on using words rather than actions.....Some kids tend to open up with others when parents are not around so this is why I let him have privete time as well as family time with his theripst. His medications are closley monitored by his psyc as well so this helps greatley we can nip it in the butt if med ever stoppper working I hope this helps and Good Luck.

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