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Joy - posted on 08/22/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have eight children and one on the way. My 11 y.o. was recently diagnosed with Asperger's and has been raging so violently. I have called 911 four times in the past few months and have taken him to two different ER's. I tried to find an RTC, psychiatric hospital, or boy's home to no avail. I was told they "don't take raging kids." He has always had sensory issues, speech/language problems, facial tics, and strange behavior, but the severe anger didn't arrive until we moved last fall. He also is just starting puberty. It got much worse when I enrolled him in public school. He started jumping out of the van on the road, threw his desk, bit a staff member, and threw a planter of flowers at a sheriff. He now has a behavioral aid, in home therapist, OT and Speech Therapy, a county mental health worker, an IEP, a psychiatrist, and is on four meds. I do think the meds are helping, but the Risperidol needs to be increased. We have three kids with FASD (adopted three years ago) and my husband and 13 y.o. son have ADHD. I can handle everything but the raging behavior because he is hurting me and the baby (I've had two miscarriages this past year already) and is threatening the other kids with knives, pencils, furniture, etc. No one seems to have any ideas on what I can do except for all the services we have in place already. Help! I feel like I am drowing...


Karen - posted on 08/24/2011




You definitely are not alone. We have a 16 yr old who is Autistic, MR with PDD and ADHD, as well as explosive mood disorder. I know it's a lot more than what your son has, but the symptoms appear to be the same with the violent behavior, etc. My son is currently in the state hospital here in Texas undergoing observation, etc. I wander if there is something else that is underlying with your son and he just actually hasn't been treated for (i.e. expolosive mood disorder)?

I'm not sure what state you are in and what resources you have, but here, we have MHMR and are able to coordinate with them. Unfortunately, in order to get him to the state hospital (not a long term facility - up to 3 mos. or so) we also had police involvement, then onto JPS which is the only hospital here with a children's psychiatric unit and then to Trinity Springs (JPS) which is a short term facility, then onto where he is now.

We, too, have the same issue as for the "we can't take him, he's too violent". But, in order to get him to the State School we have to find a group home for him to be in first. Then, if he fails there, then he will be eligible. It's very disheartening but you just have to stay strong and it will work out in the end.

I hope at least a portion of this helps.

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