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Hi, does anyone have a child with ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)? My 10 year old son has just been diagnosed with this along with mild ADHD. It would be great to chat to someone that is going through the same thing...and any advice would be helpful, thanks!

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Chrischon - posted on 06/25/2012




Hello Nicki! my name is chrischon gore and my 17yr old daughter name krystle has the same diagnoses as your 10yr old son:((( ADHD@ODD. she was diagnosed when she was 11yrs old and it has been very difficult for me. but part of the problem for my daughter is that she won't take her MEDS...haven't been on MEDS since 08 she flat out! will not take them and where i live at Cols,Ohio you can't make her take it! IT'S HER RIGHT!!!! i say that is a load of crap!!! so she has been wilding out!:( I have strick rules with her! i say what i mean and i do what i say im gone do when she don't follow my rules. I DONT HIT HER AT ALL! it's not safe for her or I...cause sometimes she make me so mad with her DEFIANCE!!! i really want to hurt her but i don't:)) my child can be very disrespectful rude and down right cruel:((( she tries to blame everything on her mental illness but i don't allow her to play on that AT ALL!!! Nicky the bottom line is just pray about it stay up on your discipline far as rules and stick with it!!!! don't play with this situation keep your son on his meds! 1st of all! if you can...get him in some counseling fast!!! so he can express his feelings!!! show mass love...:))))) but stay strong and stern when he is doing wrong! and mean it! cause if not!!! the 1st sign of weakness! LET YOUR GAMES BEGIN:((( and you dont want that! this has been a 7yr battle with my daughter she has a 8th grade education:(((((( and she is 17yr between her choices and her illness my child is lost!:(((( BUT I HAVEN'T GIVEN UP!:))))))))) I WILL NOT LOSE HER TO THE STREETS she in counseling:))))) now and things are getting better:))) stay encourage Nicki:)))) stay educated on his illness and go to as many support groups(ODD/ADHD) you can find where you live that how i have made it through with GOD:)))) STAY UP NICKI AND CONTNUE TO STAY ENCOURAGE:))))

Kathy - posted on 10/21/2010




Hi - my son is now 19, but when he was younger, maybe around age 8, he was diagnosed with ODD. He took risperdal for it and it helped tremendously. The psychiatrist he was seeing said he really had no idea what diagnosis to give my son because he had never seen another kid like him. At the time his diagnosis was ADHD in addition to the ODD. He was later diagnosed with PDD-NOS (very close to Asperger's) and at age 16, diagnosed with dyspraxia.

With the ODD, my son's obstinance was tiring. Everything was a battle and you didn't know what would set him off. As I mentioned the risperdal was a life saver. I was single with 3 boys at the time and the other 2 were younger, so I had my hands full. Just so you know... at age 19, he has improved his coping skills tremendously and can now deal with most problems that arise without getting too mad. (He does still have testosterone LOL). I am very proud of him. Good luck with managing the ODD, just know that he can improve. Counseling and group settings of students that also needed help with social skills (through public school) really helped him with social skills, appropriate behavior and not being paranoid.

Cherish - posted on 10/19/2010




My oldest has PDD-NOS and ODD as well as other medical issues.
The ODD is VERY hard to deal with for sure!
The most important thing to do w/kids that have ODD is to mean what you say.
Don't make empty threats like "do your homework or you dont get dinner" unless you mean it.
Ask me how I know!!
Following through is SO important for any kid but esp kids w/ODD

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