PDD-NOS, potty trained but won't go in school

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Help! My daughter has very mild PDD-NOS and will be 4 in June. She has been potty trained since August, but when she changed preschool classrooms (same kids, different room and teacher down the hall) she stopped going in school after a week or so. Everyone figured she was just adjusting to the new teacher and to be patient, but we are now in March and she flat out won't go! She will sit, but she tells them " I wait for mommy" or if I ask her about it, she tells me " I make pees at home." I have tried sticker charts, prize bags, blatant bribes, letting her take her doll to go first (this at least got her willing to sit there) and every new tactic has worked once and that's it. She is holding it in from 7:45 until 4:00 when I pick her up! Has this happened to anyone out there? Any suggestions?


Brandie - posted on 03/06/2009




when she goes at hom does she have a seat in the toilet, or does she use a potty... is she using a diff bathroom since move class rooms ... oh and at home do you go into the bathroom with her?try to make using at school as similar to home... wheather that means slowly making changes at home ( not going into the bathroom with her)


if shes sitting on the toilet but wont go its probably a comfort thing. im thinking if she needs to go bad enough she will. id send a change of clothes with her and Alot to drink one day.. just to see if she realy needed to go if she would.

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