potty training tips? Any tips on how to make a doctor's visit easier on him ?


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Brenda - posted on 10/23/2009




My son was not completely potty trained until he was almost 8. It will come with time. I had to get tough that summer to get him to poo on the toilet. He had been peeing since he was at least 5. Some ausie kids just take longer and they all very. If there is something that he likes to do, such as play on the comp or xbox etc., use this as an incentive. If he gets to use it regullarly, don't let him untill he masters a step in the process. such as sits on the toilet for 5min a day or night. Modify it according to your lifestyle. As far as Dr. visits, I would not tell my son I was taking him to the doctor until we were in the parking lot and he recognized where we were, then I would act all normal, like it was no big deal. If the noise bothers him, get him some ear muffs or cd, gameboy with head phones to help. You don't say how old he is so I'm not sure if all this is appropriate. Good luck and God Bless :)

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