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Ok, so I have a new theory. About vaccines...I don't think they themselves cause autism. But I do question how many and when. My 34 day old son had a slight fever 99.6 and we had to go to ED and get blood cultures drawn, chest xray, urine culture, lumbar puncture...when I questioned why this had to be done (I am cardiac RN), I was told because with a temp and no obvious sign of infection, their immune system is so immature at this time we should check. OK, Im ok with that. But then 3 weeks later, you want to inject him with 6 vaccines? And he's supposed to process that?? ANyways, so then I started thinking the other day when an old friend started questioning their son and his behavior. I started thinking..OK--if it's not vaccines...then what? I questioned my antibiotic use while pregnant for serious sinus infection. I questioned alot-what did I do. But truth is, autism affects everyone. Black/white, rich/poor, educated/uneducated, Washington to Florida to Australia. So WHAT do we all have in common if not the vaccines. Not everyone took same antibiotic as me....but...I bet we all took prenatals!! I was so good taking my prenatals a year before we started trying to get pregnant. i took them religiously during pregnancy, and for the 14 months I nursed him. I also had to take iron supplements at some point during that pregnancy. But my 2nd son, I was not so good taking my vitamin, I remember thinking I was bad mom cause I wasn't taking it regularly. 2nd son is normal/neurotypical. 3rd son....I think I might have taken an OTC multivitamin maybe 5 times. He's fine too. I GOOGLED prenatals and autism...they are starting to look into it. Folic acid which prevents neural tube defects is the main reason we take prenatals. But, in 1998, the government (FDA) added extra folic acid into the food supply..enriched breads, pasta, and rice. So since 98 we have extra folic acid in our food supply and doctors and health depts promoted prenatals and folic acid to prevent spina bifida. Where are the studies if we get too much folic acid. We know if not enough, but what if too much. And has access to prenatal care, including prenatal vitamins. Anyways, that's one of my latest thoughts on environmental "triggers" of autism.


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