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Post and Question please.

Hi everyone, not really used these boards before. I am a mum with a gorgeous 9yr old girl with Aspergers. We might be moving to Queensland, the Gladstone Mackay or Rockhampton area through hubbies work, not sure yet but would love to here from other families who are in these areas for best services. I am researching a bit at the moment- Mackay has huge rental prices and long waiting lists for housing their but I have read its a bigger place with more services...would that be right? We are past the early intervention stuff so it would be things like OT and Psych services mainly that we would pay for. Also looking into swimming programs, music programs etc. We are from Adelaide and only ever been to Queensland for the theme parks. Think the weather will be fine to handle- warmer weather yes please. We were given the option of those 3 towns for possible job opportunity so now I am off to research research research.


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Hi did you end up moving to Queensland? I am just outside of Rockhampton in Queensland. I have 7 children 15 down to 3.

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Im from Sydney Aust,I also have a eldest son with autism spertrum, and three out of two special needs and GDD. if you ever want to chat message me

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