Quirky kid or reason for concern?

Donna - posted on 09/08/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a stepson that is turning 5 years old in 2 weeks. I have been in his life for 2 full years now, and I also have a 4 1/2 year old son. I have pretty much been concerned and noticed things about my stepson that I find a little different since day 1. I will start by saying, he is a VERY intelligent little boy. My boyfriend said he knew all of the letters of the alphabet by the age one, and he started counting to 100 and higher when he was just 3, he knows parallelograms and trapezoids. My boyfriend has always been huge on teaching him things, letters, numbers shapes colors. Everything. Now, my stepson is absolutely OBSESSED with numbers. Everyday he asks me how old I am, and everyone else he meets. He needs to know everyone's age and birthday. We can't walk through a store without him saying the price of literally EVERY single item out loud. In the car or even in the middle of watching a movie, he will ask math questions, "whats 5+5?" He has memorized mine, his dad's and his mom's cell phone numbers. And remember, this is all before the age of 5.

Now, this isn't my only reason for concern. He consistently mimics my son and "copy cats" him to the point of he never does or thinks on his own. He rarely makes eye contact and will never look at the camera for pictures, ever. He has massive break downs when something changes with the schedule. He doesn't like to play with my son or other kids, he plays on his own and rarely plays, he would rather be writing letters and numbers. He also has major issues with food textures, he will not eat a banana or yogurt, but he will eat broccoli and bell peppers as a 2 and 3 year old. Basically, I feel he shows signs of either autism or a sensory disorder. And my main issue is, do I bring up these concerns to my boyfriend? Are these things reason for concern or, am I just taking these quirky things of his too extremely?


Ev - posted on 09/09/2017




You can bring them up to your boyfriend bu tkeep in mind that it is his concern to do something about and also that of the mother.

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