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Kerry - posted on 08/30/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi my son is 21 years old. He is feeling very depressed lately. He has no friends and struggles with the breakup of girlfriend from 2015. We live in Belleview, Florida. He works at Walmart and is taking classes for computer technology. A lot of anxiety involved. He's worried about passing the comp tia test. Anyone on here have similar issues?


Adw2011 - posted on 10/02/2017




My name is Amanda and although I am much older than your son, I too was born with Aspergers and have been through the exact experience your son is going through now.

When I lost my first love, I thought it was the end of the world. It was in a way. My advice to him is to have faith not only in himself but the Lord. Yes, I am religious. I studied Robotics, a very difficult course. Although I never graduated, I learned a lot and was able to move on in my life. As a someone with Aspergers, it is very difficult to make friends. At his age, I was involved in the military reserve. It gave me the chance to have discipline and some interaction with other people. Your son needs to find another passion, something that he can do that will take him away from the classes, the work, and the loneliness. I took up photography and eventually worked with wild and exotic animals. Perhaps a pet like a dog might help him with some of his anxiety. I wish you and your son luck in finding the answers to his problems.

Leslie - posted on 09/03/2017




Oh Kerry...I can relate. My 23 yo was depressed and almost suicidal at one point about 2 years ago. He is a perfectionist and very anxious too. He was taking classes and had some health issues at the time. We reminded him how much we loved him and how important he was in everyone's life who knew him and the great things he was going to go onto do. I encouraged him to talk to a counselor at school but he didn't like anyone there so we paid for private counseling. We were able to find an older gentleman who my son was able to relate to and having an "outsider" to talk over things with really helped him. Between that and him being put on an anti-anxiety med. he has done well and is now in his final year getting his bachelor's in computer networking. I would see if he'd be willing to find a counselor to talk to?

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