relaxation techniques for PDD

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0 son is 11 and is diagnosed with PDD, bipolar, ADHD, and ODD (Oppositional defiance disorder) He also lately has a great deal of anxiety. Recently had a very thourough evaluation done and it seems he is under a good amount of stress (whether it be internal or external battles) He isnt the best communicator so it is difficult to understand how he is feeling. What i do know is I am looking for some relaxation techniques that implement some sensory stimulation and a have a soothing effect as well. Something practical that we can implement into our nightly routine, with a busy schedule! Thanks for the advice!


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Hi there, We've had similar difficulties, and I like all of Sara's suggestions! I teach yoga to kids with special needs and I wrote an article for iVillage with some of my favorite activities to do with my kids and students that teach them to self-regulate, to settle themselves down when they start feeling revved up. Take a look here, and let me know how it goes!

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Our son is five and had a really hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep until we made adjustments to his diet (removing foods, colorings, and preservatives that were causing rashes and irregular bowl movements, adding proteins, and other nutritious foods he would tolerate), set up a regular bedtime routine and started using a visual schedule to help him transition. To transition to bedtime, we say "goodnight to the fish" by having him turn out the lights and moving into his bedtime routine. We incorporate a warm bath with epsom salts, a favorite book, soothing music, and have tried various blankets (soft and weighted). When he is really wound up, swinging in a hammock over his bed, tickle time before getting in bed, or a foot massage with lotion are very soothing. My husband always tells stories to our other children in the same room, and has recorded stories to play when he's gone on a business. Hearing Daddy's voice along with soothing music has become one of the best ways for him to fall asleep, and he does, usually within 15-20 minutes. It has made a world of difference in our lives! Hope some of these ideas help! Our story is on We'd love your input and ideas since you have an older son...Best of luck!

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