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I am a mom of a 3 years old late talkers, she was recently diagnosed having sensory processing issues, but i'm still questioning this situation, whether if it is just sensitive or there is really a 'disorders'. it is because the psychologist seems didn't want to hear input from parents.

my daughter Clarissa is sensitive to texture, but never have a problem with food texture or swallowing problem.
She did sensitive with water temperature, she doesn't like warm, but chill warm. everytime she bath, she always had this spesific requirement.
When she used to walk on a solid ground, she would be hesitated to walk on grass for a moment, or when dancing she prefer doing it on the floor than on the mattress. She doesn’t like to stand on a moving unsteady ground, like hanging bridge or sit on a swing chair, but once she get used to it, it would be ok.
She doesn’t like being in a moving car in a hard rain.
When siting on a flight, we used to have a double seatbelt, where she sit on me because she doesn’t like sitting by her self in a flight or a car, seat belt seems not enough for her, she need to grab me in a Kanguru position. Once on a flight she sit facing forward and she seems restless but still fine.

When she played on a public playground, she doesn’t like when there are other kids playing around because kids usually running around and bumping each other, she was bumped once and she hates it, she would wait until they are gone, then she comes into play again.
She doesn’t like other kids play swings near her.

When there is staircase or uneven surface she would extremely careful to walk through it, if needed she would crawl on to it better than walk on it. She also very carefully walking, when seeing realistic sticker on the floor which indicates border. In our shopping mall there were a realistic railway train sticker on the floor, she crawl onto it very carefully, but after find out it was fake, she just walk to it.

But she never clumsy. The psychologist insisted that Clarissa would be clumsy like most children with sensory processing issue, in fact, as a parent who observe her 24/7 since birth, she never be clumsy or bump into things, accidently. I can say even if Clarissa still has problem with coordination she never bump into things accidently because of clumsy, she would extremely careful. even when being warned of dangerous she will noiced and don't go there twice.

When playing with our dogs, the dogs runs forwards, but she anticipated that those dogs will run back to her like a stampede, so she runs away first before dogs run back.

I notice she always have this fearful aspect, but wondering where is the border when it is just sensitive or there is a real disorders.


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I hear you! I was always paying close attention to anything different my son was doing at that age. Some of it could be that shes only 3 and shes just a little more sensitive and cautious in her surroundings, which isn't bad because it will keep her safe. However, you know her better than anyone and you know if something is up. There are surveys that you can ask for at your pediatricians office that can help you get a starting point and kind of a base for where to go from there. I know that with my son's sensitivities it can be really frustrating and we have had to learn to be patient and understanding, even when the behavior seems irrational. For example my son is petrified of anything dead, especially trees, bushes, and large sticks. He has been this way since he was 3 and we have no clue how it was triggered. We live in the desert and there is a lot of sage brush, trees, and tumble weeds. There are days when he is absolutely terrified to go outside and do anything, and it is so hard if we all need to go somewhere. Camping is very difficult to. We have to find a big open camp site, and even then we end up chopping down dead branches and pulling dead bushes out just so he can feel safe. Dont stress yourself out though! All kids have their own quirks and personalities, and some of the things you listed I realized apply to me and many others. But follow your instincts and never give up on advocating for your child! Good luck!

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