Signs of autism?

Bichngocnguyen1611 - posted on 12/14/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My DD is 5 months old now and I just couldn't help thinking that she might have autism.She is not a smiley baby,rarely smile back at me.She only smile or laugh when I try to make funny sound or face.When she is held by someone else,she does not looking for me even after a few hours I come back to her,she gives me a glance,no smile or happy expression.Should I be worried at this point?
My husband and I plan to have another baby next year but I am ill worried now cuz I know siblings of autistic child have 75% of developing autism.Seeing all my friends' babies who are at the same age so smiley and social makes me more concerned about my baby.


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Merimcd - posted on 02/23/2017




if it concerns you talk to your pediatrician to get a referral to a specialist. I wished I had gotten my son checked out sooner but still he got evaluated at 18 months and started services. As you mentioned the chances are higher if you have a child with autism or have family members who have autism and our 2nd child was started into services when he was around 8 months. My 2nd child is not autistic but I was happy to get help with his delays and very happy that he caught up and evaluated again at 3 yrs to be NT. My boys are now 14 and 8 yrs old.

Ev - posted on 12/14/2016




Not all babies at this age of 5 months are going to do the exact same things. It is most likely her personality. And 5 months old is way too young to be worrying about Autism anyhow. They do not diagnose this until much older. Quit worrying about this and concentrate on your child and her growing up.

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