Signs of autism or typical 3 year old?

Lauren - posted on 11/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Here are typical things that my 3YO does that concerns me.

-tip toe walking except in shoes.

- picking eating, sticking mostly to dairy and pasta's/breads.

-the smallest things cause a temper tantrum- i.e. brushing teeth, brushing hair, getting dressed, getting out of the bath tub, not getting something to eat that she wants (treats, etc.) I have thought she would grow out of this but it continues day in day out for a year. Hits, sometimes spits or drools during a tantrum. These happen no less than 3x a day. Repeptitive "no, no, no, no, no, no, no" or something similar like "i dont want to" or "but I want it". Seems one tracked.

-She scratches herself in stressful situations. When she has a temper tantrum or cries, she methodically scratches her legs. She does this other times also, not just during stress.

-Sucks her blankie's corner. Has a hole in the corner that she has to have her finger in. Licks and chews her toys. Grinds against her blankie ("humping") it. This often happens when she is in bed, but she will do it in the middle of the day sometimes also.

-Cannot share. Simply can't or there is a temper tantrum. Snatches toys from her sisters constantly, doesn't care that her sisters cry from it. But, is highly protective if she feels like someone is scaring/being mean to her sisters or myself.

-Will not let anyone but me buckle her into her carseat. Freaks out if my fiance does it with a temper tantrum.

-She will play with blocks, or take books off a bookshelf, and she loves dolls, but doesn't make them talk or whatever. She will dress and undress them but mainly just carries them around. She loves her iPad.She does however enjoy dress up and calls herself a princess.

-She gets in a lot of trouble. She will destroy anything and everything. LAst week she snuck my makeup into her room and dumped it everywhere. The following day she took bath gel into her room and dumped it everywhere. She has no emotional connection to getting in trouble and continues this type of behavior.

I just kind of thought for awhile that she's different than my other 2 angels, that she's just a middle child or whatever. I just want some input if other people's children do these things. She's a sweet girl, we can have conversations (albeit not super long ones), she doesn't seek out cuddling, but doesn't freak about it, good eye contact, etc.


Brittany - posted on 11/28/2012




It sounds to me that you just have a very head strong little girl, which will be good for her later in life, just not too fun for you right now. My son is 3 years old I started early intervention right after his 1st birthday for the following reasons...

1) He would babble saying momma and dadda but never associated the words with me or his fathers. It was just simply babbling.

2) He did not make any eye contact

3) He was not able to walk or crawl in the developmental time frame that he should have been

4) He was very aggressive he will hit, punch, kick and head butt you but he was also very sensitive. I learned very quickly that you could hurt his feeling just by simply saying no.

5) He was to the extreme of picky eating...once he was done with baby food all he wanted was chicken nuggets and french fries. So I ended up going to publix and getting vegan chicken nuggets so he could at least be getting some nutrition from the food.

And there were many more reasons, those were just the main ones.

I have 2 cousins that are not diagnosed with anything and growing up they did the same things your daughter is doing. One of my cousins use to hurt herself if you told her no or gave her something she did not like. She use to walk over to the tile or go open the door to the basement and start banging her head on the concrete or tile. Sometimes when she got frustrated she use to pull her hair or bite herself. Today she is 19 years old and when she gets overwhelmed she will start pulling her hair still. My other cousin use to suck on anything that had a tag on it, blankets and teddy bears. He eventually out grew it.

You need to remember that every child has their own little ticks and comforts and that they all develope differently. They are their own unique amazing person. That was part of the reason it took me so long to accept the fact that my son had autism, cause I always told myself everyone develops differently. I had no help from my sons doctors when I first started looking for answers. I just knew that I would rather be safe then sorry in the end, if he didnt have a developmental issue speech therapy wasnt going to hurt him it could only help. I actually had to contact eater seals and they set me up with early intervention, but that turned into a bid mess when his therapist left the program and they stopped sending us people to help him his last 3 months in the program but kept him in their program for the $, you have to love the governement. Early intervention was suppose to help with the transiton from the program to the school and dropped the ball there so I had to call the school board myself and set eveything up. Now I have my son in a school for autism and I have seen such an improvement already and he hasnt even been there for a month. The point I am getting at is no one will know your child or be and advocate for your child like you are. A mothers intuition is always right. If you feel there is something wrong then act on your gut, cause the key to helping you is catching it early and bringing in a form of early intervention.

This is how my sons therapist have explained Austism to me...

Austism is a developemental delay it may be in speech, soical, sensory, motor etc.

Now I am not 100% on if this is correct, but his therapist told me the difference between Austim and Aspergers is that Children with Austism exprence a language delay where children with Aspergers have no language delay, just other social and developmental delays.

I hope this helps...

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