Soliciting on CoM is not allowed

Katherine - posted on 12/09/2010 ( 19 moms have responded )




Soliciting is not allowed on Circle of Moms, and we have a zero tolerance policy.

Members posting ads or solicitations will have their threads deleted and may be blocked from posting in that community for repeated violation of the CoM guidelines.

If a member has a suggestion or tip, it's ok to POST it. The community is to provide resources for moms, NOT offer them a business opportunity.

If a member asks other members to contact / message her for more info, we will assume that they are trying to make a sale or recruit members / salespeople for companies, and their comment will be deleted.

Comment signatures promoting their business / website / company will also result in the deletion of their comment / thread.

The Following are Considered Solicitations and are NOT Allowed:

- Work from home recruitment pitches

- Dieting ads

- Personal business ads

- "Contact me for more info"

- Posting diaper codes

- Posting requests for votes in a contest (such as requesting for members to vote for your child in something).

- Creation of a community to promote/advertise your business or product/service

Allowed Under Certain Circumstances:

1. Research requests

-When academics or people who claim to be academics post asking members for info or to fill out a survey, their posts should be deleted.

-Please then ask them to write to Herna at the Community Management team (herna (at) to have their request evaluated. If we determine that they are genuine and well-intentioned we will then have them seek permission to re-post their request directly from the Admin of the specific community, and then it is up to the Admin to decide if it would be interesting or beneficial in some other way to her community.

There are TWO places on the site that solicitations are allowed:

Work-from-Home Business Opportunities Community:

The Mom's Store (where a member can purchase an ad for a year):

All of these rules apply to profile walls, as well. If you see a solicitation on another member's wall (unless their own), copy the link to their profile and send it to The Community Management Team.

Blogs are allowed if the blog is a personal parenting blog. Blogs that sell or advertise a product or service should be considered a solicitation.

If you are unsure if a post qualifies as a solicitation or not, please copy and past either the link or the post into a new thread in this community.

Please post links and blogs in the link section.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Katherine and Geralyn


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Desia - posted on 09/26/2017




Katherine, I am trying to send an email to management " but I get the message that that email does not exist. what other email can I send my message to to ensure my post earlier will be accepted and not deleted... I am trying to get vital information out to parents with sick, autistic and special needs children and I dont know how to do it because I said "contact me..." with my email adddress so that parents whose lives will be different, especially single moms who have to go to work every day... but then I saw that could be considered solicitation...

so who can I send an email to to get my post cleared.

Sri - posted on 03/27/2015




I am an special need advocate and a parent coach, is it ok for me to give out my personal information if someone has as specific questions?

Debora - posted on 05/17/2012




Um, I just posted my willingness to share freely a few of my written offerings for other who find them helpful regarding the experience of mothering an autistic child and everything that goes with it. I really do intend to share freely with whoever it may help or comfort. Hope that doesn't count as being against the solicitation rule, since I'm not trying to sell anything or get anything for myself, just trying to make available to others insights that they may find helpful. Let me know if you find it inappropriate, and I will not do it again. I wrote one call "Horse Training" that was well-received by some as a positive way to help teachers look differently at how to educate our children.

Sarah - posted on 10/29/2011




i'm not sure if i have already did this im new so i JUST saw it sorry if i did won't do it again if i did i did not realize !:( sorry what i am talking about is the one where it says contact me for more info. sorry:( if i did:(

Sharlene - posted on 10/25/2011




Hi katerine sorry about that I didn't to join this community box sorry again.Cheers

Bobbi - posted on 09/20/2011




Thanks Katherine, seemed unsafe to me also, if not some one selling something..

Katherine - posted on 09/20/2011




That person was just putting up an informational link, not sure why the other one gave her personal e-mail. It's not soliciting, but probably not to safe. I will message her.

Jen - posted on 03/23/2011




I'd like to invite folks to a fundraiser for a local organization that provides scholarships for children with special needs to receive specialized swim instruction and other needed therapies. It's a Wine Tasting and Silent Auction, and there is an admission fee. It's only in my area -- Howard County, Maryland. Can I post that or is that considered a solicitation?

Katherine - posted on 03/22/2011




If you were just asking a question like that, then that isn't considered solicitation.
There is also Work at Home Moms where you can post info without the links.
Thank you for being so aware.

Bethe - posted on 03/22/2011




I saw that thank you. I will remove my original post. I was just wanting advice on how to help parents get safe educational toy for their children. Thanks anyway, Bethe'

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