ten years old and getting real picky about what they eat

Teena - posted on 05/01/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son is about to be ten and he is starting to get real picky about what he eats stuff that he use to love he dont like any moor what do i need to do he is adhd and has been on meds for that for about 3 years he is already small he weighs about 53 pounds


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Tammy - posted on 05/03/2010




I agree with Sheila my son went from eating pretty much what ever i put infront of him to some days it seemed like he didnt eat much at all i have managed to figure out what he like which is only a few things and make bulk and freeze them i had to pick my battles and i put him on a kids multi vitamin he just had everything tested and it all came back excellent the doc said he is very healthy hope that helps a little :)

User - posted on 05/02/2010




Is he becoming picky because he wants to have what he wants.

For example, if my son could, every day he would have a flat piece of bread with peanut butter for almost every meal. He LOVES what he calls flat peanut budder bwead. My son will turn away food I know he likes if he can get the peanut butter...

If he is turning down food and NOT wanting a favourite alternative, you might want to look into giving him nourishment drinks (like pediasure) or protein bars that he might enjoy...this way, when he is eating you know you are covering your basis...get a good multi-vitamin into him.

In the meantime, if he isn't wanting to eat what you have made, make sure you don't substitute for a sweet treat...if he likes cheerios and milk...it's healthy, and you know he's eating.

The main thing, to me, is to determine why he is becoming picky. If he is just "too busy" to sit for a meal, or if he is turned off by textures/smells, or he wants to eat only what he wants because he's ten and he's trying to show he's a bit of a grown up...well, different reasons for not eating require different responses. Make sure he is not "underweight"...get the doctor to check him out, maybe he might even talk with a doctor about eating if it is really worrisome to you.

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