Tourettes Syndrome & Asperger's?

Christina - posted on 11/17/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 5 year old son was diagnosed w/ Tourettes about 2 years ago and w/ that came OCD, ODD, ADHD, Anxiety, etc. Took him to see our primary care doctor today (who was not the diagnosing doctor) and he feels that Austin probably just has Tourettes and Asperger's. I don't feel that he necessarily has any Asperger's traits, but I am just a mom :-/ Do any of you have kids w/ this comorbid condition?


Tania - posted on 03/06/2011




hi there i have a son that has aspergers , tourettes and a sensitivity issue they say its really all combined . and i also have another son 11yrs who has aspergers and ocd with food so they are both very different. but aspergers traits and tourettes traits are very simular so its very hard i know where your coming from . does your son tick if so what sort ? does he vocalise ?
my son has facial ticks , head ticks , shoulder shrugs , leg twitches constint cough when ticking , and mmm mmm mmm vocial and many more but i have some how managed them .
well i believe that ticks will increase when tired stressed, bored or just not in good mood for whatever reason , i have a strict bed time , i also give him plenty of what i call zone out time i let him do one activity he likes (playstation) and will just let him be take him in a drink some fruit etc and let him zone out i think it works . also i find when he starts to tick i grab him and just hug him tight and tell him how much i love him i think it helps with his stress levels we all need big hugs . its hard though watching sometimes but he is ok , the hardest for me was christmas trying to get him to sleep before santa come he was ticking so much as he was trying to go to sleep he said mum will santa still come even though i move around so much cause mum i really cant stop i promise he said , with tears in my eyes i of course santa is going to come he knows everything about you and he know what a good boy you are . well i hoped some of this has helped just trying to share how i deal with it . good luck tania


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User - posted on 11/17/2010




Hi Christina,

I knew a child, many years ago, who was diagnosed with both Tourettes and Asperger's. He had more "physical" tics then verbal, but he definitely displayed what one would consider typical behaviours of a child diagnosed with Aspergers. Of the two, the parents were most concerned with Asperger's because of his issues with self-regulation.

I would also say that I would be looking to a pediatric neurologist for my go when looking at a diagnosis. If your primary care doctor is a g.p.....well, he might know a little, but this wouldn't be his area of expertise.

Oh, the little guy I knew with tourettes was on medication (don't know the name) and it really helped with the "tics" but his parents had to be really on top of it because it contributed to mood swings and (at times) lethargy.


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