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don't give up on team sports. my son is almost exactly as you describe, but he has played YMCA basketball every year since first grade. the big deal is to be upfront and honest with his coaches immediately as to what his reactions are and how to best handle him. Matthew has had a great bunch of coaches that have done so well with him. some have learned him immediately, others took a little time. try to put him with a coach that puts the importance on having fun, not just winning. Matthew is not good at sports, but i see it as remedial class in how to interact with the world. He has played baseball almost as much as basketball, but it is more difficult for him to relate to the other players. it strikes me odd since basketball is a much more close contact sport, but that's how it works for him.

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My son was diagnosed at 7 with AS. He is now 12. I find being patient with him helps. He is not medicated. We did some physio with him for his balance and coordination. he is very intelligent and comes out with some beauties. He tells me things that I have never heard of. He also has a photographic memory. He can have a pretty bad temper and sometimes swears. He is not the most compassionate person in the world and will only love you if you are part of his family. He cannot play team sports because of his patience and his honesty. If he doesn't think you are good at something he will tell you, not the greatest attribute of a team player. He never lies and he sticks by the rules. He is very affectionate and I adore him.

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Being an adult that has grown up with AS before we had an understanding of what was wrong other than you had ADD/ADHD, it is a very interesting way of life. Over all you have to find ways to cope with many different things, know when you have to push yourself into things ou might not want to do andjust be plain out factual about who you are and come o a level of acceptanc of that. I am also a mother of 3, 1 of which have been diagnosed as Autistic and 1 of which has been given the same diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome with ADHD. My youngest is not Autistic but since she is a girl can not be tested for Asperger's Syndrome until she is 7 which is in another year.

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i have a 14 year old with AS. He is "labeled" as a child with a learning disability/gifted. He was reading at the high school senior level as a fourth grader. It is a form of autism, but it is a gift in many ways. My son scores very high on IQ tests, did very well on the SAT as a seventh grader, and has insights in situations that just blow me away. he requires no medication, just patience and understanding. Once you learn how your child reacts to situations, get teachers and others that he comes into contact with trained on how not to infringe on his space, you can start helping your child learn how to properly interact with the world. My son plays basketball and baseball team sports, which his doctor originally said would not be possible. Other kids are great with him. They generally figure out very quickly how he works and accept him. Sometimes in school when they are playing a game like Trivia, they fight over him cause of his intelligence. My best advice, be patient, and remember, your child doesn't act out because of defiance or willfullness. These kids just can't process the world the way others do, and it is a long road learning how.

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In General:

"Autism Symptoms vary widely in severity, include impairment in social interaction, fixation on inanimate objects, inability to communicate normally, and resistance to changes in daily routine. Characteristic traits include lack of eye contact, repetition of words or phrases, unmotivated tantrums, inability to express needs verbally, and insensitivity to pain.

Asperger's Syndrome - A child with asperger's disorder has the same common problems as children with autism however they don't have language development problems of a autistic child."

There's lots of information on the internet about AS and other autism disorders and all kinds of books. Hope this helps.

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