Whats the adequate amount of Speech therapy

FELISHA - posted on 10/08/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am trying to figure out how much of these therapies are recommended for a child that has Pdd-NOS not high functioning at all and some what verbal all he gets is Sp 2x a wk individual and 1x a wk group

P/T 1x a week individual, and O/T same as Speech. I don't thins this is adequate enough


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Lara - posted on 10/22/2012




We do speech daily at home. We found a speech therapist that would allow me to watch what she did and then helped me so I could do speech with him at home. My son was nonverbal when he started at 3 and is now very talkative at 8. I think parent involvement is the key.

Anaquita - posted on 10/08/2012




How old is the child? Thing is, they often have to work around school schedules, schools will provide help onto of it, with an IEP, and things from therapy are supposed to continue on at home, so that they have time to work on it, and not be overwhelmed with too much at once.

My son, only goes to a social group therapy once a week, outside of school. He gets a bit of help in his IEP in school, as well. That's it.

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