yet another potty training question

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My almost-4yo son (PDD and SID) is successful using the potty like 75% of the time if he's naked, but if I put underwear on him, he doesn't use the potty at all, and doesn't notice/care that he's wet. How can I teach him to keep his pants dry? Also, he will not inform me, verbally or otherwise, that he has to go, whether he is naked or dressed. So frustrating...


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Alicia - posted on 08/07/2009




Quoting Jennifer:

I wish my almost 5 year old will even have interest in potty training only in school mom he tells me and he will go atschool but not at home i need help

I don't know how willing the teacher would be to come to your house but sometimes what is needed is bringing the experience at school into the house somehow. So if she were to come to your home he might go for her and once he gets started will be more apt to continue for you. Also check to see if your toilet seat is the same color as the one he uses at school or other major differences in the experience. Pictures of the toilet at school as a visual cue might help too.

Sasha - posted on 08/06/2009




A little tip that helped me with my apsie son and non aspie daughter. When they go in the potty, take them with you to empty it and make a game of the flushing. Also let them see you go. feels odd, but does help. also use a sign - we use makaton in the uk. If yours reponds better to pictures that will do just as well, just have them dotted about everywhere, and hand it to them whenever they go. These are some of the brightest kids on the planet, they just don't see things quite how we do. And prepare to be amazed by how much they are able to do.

good luck.

Kristen - posted on 08/05/2009




I have a few suggestions that might help. My daughter had the same problem when wearing underwear. After she told me that underwear felt like pull-ups, we decided to skip the underwear and just wear loose shorts or pants until she was better trained. It worked like a charm. After a month, we reintroduced pretty panties again.

I'm a play therapist for a mother that is using a camping potty to help train her daughter. Her daughter doesn't signal when she needs to use the restroom either, so she put a camping potty in her room. Now her daughter just uses the potty by herself, and when we see her on the potty we say, "potty" to help her learn what to say.

It might help to tell your child every hour or 2 to use the restroom both at home and at school. Using the same reinforcer at both places might help too.

[deleted account]

Jennifer, can your son tell you what's different about the school's bathroom? maybe it has pictures on the wall or a curtain he likes or something that you would try to emulate at home? My son seems opposite - wets his pants at school EVERY day.

Jennifer - posted on 08/04/2009




I wish my almost 5 year old will even have interest in potty training only in school mom he tells me and he will go atschool but not at home i need help

Lisa - posted on 08/04/2009




My son had the same problem about not noticing or caring if he was wet and his OT told me his skin was not as sensitive as usual peoples and i should get an electric toothbrush and rub it on his legs and that the vibration will help his senses. I did it a few times but I think mostly he outgrew it. We had the problem at night as well. I hope this or something else helps you. I know it is super frustrating.

Jenny - posted on 08/03/2009




what worked with my grandson is underwear with the pictures on the back he is very picky about his things and does not like anything of his to be thrown away so i got him nascar under wear it only took one pair going it the grabage.good luck i know some moms that are still dealing with this with children that are much older

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