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Babies Born at Home

We are a home birth community. Come together to share your wonderful birth story or learn more about the joy of home birth!


What to expect? - 4th baby 1st home-birth

I was wondering what I would need to expect to do to prepare for a home birth. I am seasoned in giving birth but what will I need to provide. Is there special plastic sheet you...


Volunteer Opportunity for Moms!

Hello everyone! I am a graduate student getting my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Currently, I am in need of some help from parents of young children. I am researching young...


What position do you prefer to birth in?

My first three babies were born in a hospital, so I get the choice they offer. My fourth was a home-birth, and because I was used to delivering laying on a bed, that is what we...


Any vegan moms out there?

I was just wondering if there were any vegan moms out there that knew anything about transitioning baby from breast milk to ??? I do not eat/drink dairy products nor would I...


advice on home births

This isn't a question, but its an advice thread! @ 30 weeks i will have the opportunity to talk to a mid-wife and talk to her about having a home birth! this may sound selfish...


Did you have many people at your birth?

Hi all, I am soooo excited to be having my first homebirth in late August, and I am just trying to decide who/how many people to have at the birth. At the moment, I am...


surrounded by love

This morning I gave birth at home to a wonderful little girl weighing 9''12!! I was surrounded by so much love and support, I couldn't have wished for more. 4 generations of...


How to ask MIL to attend home birth?

We want someone to be there for our kids who aren't actively involved in the labour process. We agreed we'd only really feel comfortable with his mom being here. How should...


Making Homemade Baby Food

If you want to make baby food or learn about enhancing your commercial baby food, please read my blog. I am a Dietitian and mother of two who makes wonderful recipes for...