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I have 3 children, my 1st two were born in hospitals and my 3rd was just born on May 26th at home. she is now 6 weeks and I am looking at the immunization schedule and I realized that typically babies get their first hep b at birth, does anyone have an opinion on this? I am just curious about the immunization schedule and how women who have had home births choose to go about this schedule. And has anyone felt uncomfortable going to your well baby check ups and informing the dr's that your child was born at home?

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Christine - posted on 10/09/2009




I am not opposed to vaccines, I think they're great. But I do object to overloading tiny babies with possibly dangerous substances before they have had time to develop any kind of natural immune system. As such, my kids are getting minimal vaccines on a delayed schedule. Before starting public school my eldest got her MMR and DTP vaccines and my 2 year old will do the same. To protect them up to this age we get oral vaccines from a Naturopathic Doctor. They are just as effective as injected vaccines and completely safe and free from side effects. The only down-side is that you have to remember to keep taking them every 3 months. My kids will not be getting the optional vaccines against the flu, chicken pox, HPV etc. Until they are older and capable of weighing the risks and benefits and deciding for themselves what they want to put into their bodies. I never felt uncomfortable for having a home birth, but one doctor did try to make me feel guilty for my vaccine choices. Then I found another doctor who admitted to me that his kids didn't get all the shots either.
Anyway, I wouldn't be worried about missing the birth immunization, since that shot is repeated at later checkups anyway. Also, if you're breastfeeding at all, your baby is protected against most of the things that you've been immunized against yourself.

Zissi - posted on 09/18/2009




Hi.all 3 of my children were born at home and all 3 didnt/wont have any till they were/are at least 1 year old as i find they have to have the chance to build up their own imunesystem first.we are out side everyday and in contakt with the animals at the daughter had her first cold wen she started kindergarden at the age of 3 and never befor been sick.why should we have to put them through all the stress of docs and injektions?at the end of the day its up to one self if they want to do so or not but we should not get forced to doing anything,same as having our children born in the most dirtiest place on earth in a hospital.i would rather give birth to my children between the animals than in a hospital were you have almost no rights to do as you like and want.i think you will make the right dessision either way and it will be good as it is.

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Not all hospitals vaccinate for Hep B at birth. Mostly the very large hospitals do because it is easier and cheaper to give a baby a Hep B shot than it is to test every mother or trust her word. Hep B is sexually transmitted or through needles (aha! the hospitals are a increased risk for Hep B). Therefore the Hep B at birth is not necessary and even if they do give it the child still needs the 3 recommended doses at 2, 4 & 6 months.
We skipped the Hep B for our first child born in the hospital and the second born at home. Then we took them to the Public Health Clinic (and still do) for their immunizations, starting at the recommended 2 months and have followed the recommended schedule.
If you read The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears then you should also read American Academy of Pediatrics response to his book 'The Problem With Dr. Bob's Alternative Vaccine Schedule.' Which can be found on-line at
I believe that we practice many things to keep our children safe ie- carseats, bicycle helmets, handwashing, etc. that help protect them but do not guarantee immortality and I find that vaccines fall within this category for our family. And isn't it amazing that we don't have to worry about small pox! Yay.

Emily - posted on 08/05/2009




A great resource for all questions regarding immunizations is

They have individual info on all the common childhood shots, and they are neither pro nor con, they just want parents to be informed.

And if your Dr. makes you feel uncomfortable about having your baby at home, it's time for a new Dr.! My own pediatrician is totally fine with me having my babies at home, not immunizing them at all, and only coming in when they are sick. I don't do well-baby check-ups... we go to the Dr. when they are sick (which has been once each, for my 6,3,and 14-month old).

Marci - posted on 07/29/2009




The heb b is actually not good to be given at birth since it has caused the death of newborns. You can definately delay the vaccines. I personally no longer vaccinate any of my babies. I quit halfway through vaccinating my 3rd.

Check out DR. Sears Site, he gives a more layed back schedule on vaccinating that is healthier for the child.

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when my little girl was born (in hospital), the midwife told me that hep B is really only necessary if your child is likely to be exposed to it early on. as there was no reason for me to expect anyone in my life to have hep B and be in contact with my baby, i gave it a miss. lily has had all of her other immunisations, though.

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