First Birth in a Midwife Led Unit, Second planned for at Home

Anastacia - posted on 06/07/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I had my son in hospital 19months ago, I had no problems, was very comfortable and was planning on staying in for 3 days but then left 17 and a half hours after the birth because I don't like hospitals.

I am planning a Home Birth with this baby (hopefully a girl they weren't 100% from the scan) due 9th July 2009 because of having no problems but when I tell people what I'm planning on they turn around and either call me crazy or braver than them.

I dont see any difference between have a baby in a unit with only Midwives and at home with Midwives. Also I'm not wanting to leave my son for long and if I was to go into hospital I would only have my partner with me but my mam was also with me for the birth of my son so I'm wanting her there again and as she only lives along the road with my younger sister, if it gets to much for my son he's only a minute walk away being looked after by my sister.

The only thing that may go against me is the fact Im anemic but am taking iron tablets. Im just wondering if anyone else has had similar things said to them or had a baby at home when anemic??


Becky - posted on 08/03/2009




Oh yeah i had the "oh my god you are crazy" the "your putting yourself and the baby in so much harm" i had loads of comments that were positive to "you will not regret it, its so much easier to birth at home" etc etc

My first daughter was late by 2 weeks and i was induced in hospital. The midwives kept starting and stopping labour and that lead me to go itno labour for 33 1/2 hours! There was a serious cascade of intervention that lead to my daughter being delivered by forceps on the operating table i tore and was cut to assist delivery! It took a year for me to heal down there!

So wheni fell pregnant with my son my husband and i planned a home birth. Then my son went two weeks over and they tried to induce me again, but i stuck to my guns and he was delviered at home in 5 1/2 hours with no pain relief other than a tens machine! I loved it and if i have a third then it will be bron at home!

Go with it don't let them say you can't!

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