How do i make sure i don't tear?

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I tore (not too badly) during my first birth, and i just wondered if anyone can tell me what i can do to prevent this next time... any tips?



Helen - posted on 06/18/2010




when you get told to pant then do so this helps the baby's head to not come out to fast and helps you to not tear. i had a hospital birth for my daughter and she cought me with her nails on her way out.she was 8lb 10. was worried about my son tearing were they stitched me,as was told he would be bigger.but had really good midwife talked to me loads as i told her my worries. didn't tear at all...

Rebecca - posted on 04/07/2009




I found that the position you are in when you deliver helped for me.  I delivered on my hands and knees with both of my kids, and it helps open everything up.  My two were both big, 8-12 and 9-8 and I only tore a very little bit with my first child.  Good luck!!  I am planning this position again with the next due in a week.

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with my firse 2 we did perineal massages and i did not tear. with our 3rd i did tear not bad but i do think it was due to not massaging before. as well my labor was quicker


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Alison - posted on 06/18/2010




I did all these things, plus rasberry leaf tea. And constant pelvic floor exercises. I gave birth vaginally to 2 babies over 9 pounds without tearing .

I also did what Rachael said and used visualisation of my parts opening wider and stretching to help out baby.

Unfortunately genetics play a role also.

Good luck

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I think the staff were in a hurry with my first birth. I didn't see why there should be any rush but they were telling me to push when I'd been in transition about 3 contractions earlier... It all happened very fast!

Melissa - posted on 04/01/2009




My midwives used warm/hot compresses along with oil. Don't push too hard too fast. When I would feel too much going to fast, I would back off a little. There's always more pushing to do! lol The midwife has a better view of things so its really helpful to listen when she says don't push.

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yeah, my first labour was only 4 hours from the first twinge to holding lily... definitely a factor!

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Awesome - thanks everyone :)

I will try all of your great suggestions, particularly avoiding being stitched up. I heal very, very quickly anyway so if I do tear again, I am happy to give no stitching a go. They were the main discomfort post-birth for me last time. I think that I will be a lot more relaxed and able to take a more helpful birthing position (last time I was sort of sitting up on the bed, and I would much rather have been squatting! I could feel there wasn't as much room as there could have been).

Happy mumming, everyone!

Rachael - posted on 03/22/2009




I agree with everything written above, but I also believe in the power of thought. Imagine yourself stretching, opening, and allowing your babies head, shoulders and body passing through.

Sarah - posted on 03/20/2009




I have also heard the olive oil thing and we did that for my second.  I tore with both of mine anyway.  I would suggest that if you do tear, as long as it is not too severe, to just let it be.  Don't bother getting stiches.  The skin heals faster and better if it heals by itself.  (Stiches with my first took weeks to heal enough that I didn't cry when I went to the restroom.  I left it alone with the second and it was healed very well in 6 days.)

Shareen - posted on 03/18/2009




My midwife suggested massaging my perinium a few times a day using olive oil, until the baby is born. It is supposed to slowly stretch it so it makes it easier when the baby is being born, and help prevent tears. I have been very lucky, I have never torn with any of my 4 babies:) Hope it helps!

Kaley - posted on 03/16/2009




Warm water compresses, olive oil, 'stretching' exercises before labour, water birth. These are all options, but no guarantees for any. Your midwife will be your best source of advice, and she will be your #1 coach during labour.

Good luck!

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