babies born december 2010

my little man was born 3rd dec and wondered if any other babies were born on the same day or any other day in dec so all babies are around same age and can meet and help other mums.he was due on 25th nov.was 8 days late and weighed 9lb1oz.called him brogan.


My baby girl. Big and Tall

My baby girl was born late December 2010. She is now almost 4 feet tall (as tall as her 5 year old brother) but she also weighs about 65 pounds. This child is STRONG but she is...


Almost 4 months reaching out?

My little one will be 4 months on April 22 and still isn't reaching for things. She rolls and does the tummy pull up and smiles/giggles and coos and all the other good stuff...



hi im kristen. i am an army wife and the mother to 2 sweet little ones. katelyn will be 2 in march and tyler was born dec 8, 2010. i was in labor with him for 4 hrs and only 4...



Hello! How have you all decided to feed your baby? My daughter was born Dec. 12th 2010. I started off the first 2 weeks only breastfeeding. I then implemented formula at...


New baby

Just wanted to introduce myself. I had my son Caelan Ly (Kay-len Lee) on Dec 6. He was due Dec 9. He weighed 7.09 lbs and was 19 and 5/7 inches. I had a very quick labor with...