2 year old hurts herself HELP?? :(

Mindie - posted on 04/25/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 and can have tantrums for no reason but worse of all when something doesn't go her way she will purposely hit her head on the ground and leave bruises. I gave up on naps because when I lay her down she bangs her head on the crib rail and gives herself a bloody nose. She has little patience and is very clingy so even when I go to the restroom she will hit her head cause she wants held. My husband works long days so it's mainly just me that handles her. I'ts not all bad but it brings me to tears and I feel depressed about it because I don't know what to do. Sometimes when she is real mad she smacks her face. :( What causes this? What does one do?


Louise - posted on 05/09/2011




This is pure frustration and control on her part and something that she will grow out of eventually. In the meantime you have to limit what she can hurt herself on. At 2 she is old enough to be in a junior bed now so get rid of the cot rails for her to head butt. I have a large playpen travel cot that has mesh sides and when my daughter went through this stage I used to place her in there as it was padded and totally safe for me to walk away and let her calm down.

Try and not react when she hits herself as a reaction from you in enforcing this behaviour just completly ignore her when she does this. Do not pick her up or tell her off just blank her until she has calmed down. It may be worth a trip to the GP and tell him she is doing this so it is logged in her notes. Just incase some busy body reports you because of the marks on her face. She will stop this eventually as I say reinforce good behaviour with overly praising her for things like drawings and cuddles etc and totally blank her when she has a hissy fit and this should help her decide to stop on her own. Good luck!


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Mindie - posted on 04/25/2011




Thank you for the encouraging posts and information i appreciate it. The articles are really informative and the suggestions are helpful as well. I am going to get a physicians opinion soon and tomorrow is a new day so I will be refreshed and not so stressed. Thank you again. :)

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I would recommend trying different approaches. For example when you want her to go down for a nap, start a routine, make it extremely relaxing, START by playig a realxing CD, cuddle with her, read a book and lay down with her. See if that helps. Also if she is having tantrums because she is not getting her way start giving her choices that you approve of for example: eating, give her 2 choices of things she is allowed to eat and let her choose one. Do the same for clothing, activities, etc........At that age a lot of kids want to start feeling independent. Of course as moms we want to raise our children up so they will become independent in the future but she is still young. Another useful trick that has worked well in my house is when my son throws a fit I immediatley distract him with something he likes. While he is doing what he likes I talk to him about how he was feeling and why. If he was doing something he was not allowed to do then I explain to him why he had to stop doing what he was doing. I hope some of these ideas will help you out. Good luck :)

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