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Brooke - posted on 01/31/2009




i am a photographer and know a few aswell. my friend won baby photo of the year for taking a shot of the baby laying on dads forearm almost like a koala hugging a tree and changed to black and white close up with black back ground. simple but very cute. also love taking shot of baby laying on mum or dads bare chest.

if you get her to lay down on sheer material a nice pastel colour and have butterflys scattered around her and and if you stand at the end where her head is and let her hold on to your pinky's. the photographer would stand on a chair above her and take the shot looking down.

im sure whatever studio you choose to have the sitting in will have some great ideas of there own.

it also depends on her age aswell as to what would suit.

i also love having girls in a big puffy dress and giving her a teady bear to hold and sitting her in a big wooden rocking chair.

one other is another simple shot of her giving you a kiss on the cheek no props just black and white.

i have plenty of ideas but it just depends on her age.

Sara - posted on 01/30/2009




I like the baby in the bath pic too! Or an old silver pail is ever better! Im doin that with my son when he can sit better on his own. For girls I like when they put them in their diaper and put a huge bow on their head, i think its sears. It almost looks like a wide piece of ribbon around their head with a huge bow in the front. Cute! You could also check out the websites of the places your wanting to go.

Lyndsey - posted on 01/30/2009




Where are you from, I am from the sudbury area in Ontario, and there is a girl here who did pictures of my daughter.. I've only gotten to see 2 of them so far, but they are amazing, she has lots of props to use, and lots of patients with the baby!

Amy - posted on 01/29/2009




i just did my sons newborn pics and my favorite was when she put me and my husbands wedding rings around my sons big toes and we held his feet in our hands... it really turned out cute! 

Aaron & Jessyca - posted on 01/28/2009




I personally love the pictures that Sears take. My favorite is where they place the baby in a bucket, and place towels, baby wash, and rubber ducks around it. You can also have them put up a cloud background so it looks like its outside. There is also one where they can place the baby in a laundry basket with towels and such.

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