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Riley - posted on 01/23/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




Is anyone willing to give me input on the birth control they decided on using since baby was born? My doctor says he thinks Mirena is the best choice for me...any opinions or thoughts on this??


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Mary - posted on 02/07/2009




I didn't brest feed because my son wouldn't latch properly and would fall asleep as soon as he got close to my chest.  He had jaundice (don't know how to spell that, lol)  and it got worse after leaving th hospital because he wasn't eating properly so I had to bottle feed.  When I went for my 6 week check up my doctor put me back on my old pill Tri-Cyclen Lo.  

I wouldn't use Mirena just because 2 of my friends had bad experiences with it....they both had the same thing as Sheena...ovarian cysts.  They also told me it was painfull to have inserted.  I also didn't like the idea that if you wanted to try to have another baby you would have to get it taken out.  I would rather take a tiney pill anyday than go through that.

Melissa - posted on 02/06/2009




I have the Mirena and I love it. If you are not planing to have any more kids or not for 5 years you should do it. I have 2 kids and I don't want anymore right now. If I decide I want more it always can be taken out. I don't get my period, no cramps, don't have to worry about forgetting the pill today. I love it.

Catherine - posted on 02/05/2009




I got the copper IUD with no hormones and so far it has been great.  Had it put in at 6 week check up.  I would rather have without hormones as I found when i was on the pill I had side effects so the copper coil was what my doctor recommended.

Katie - posted on 02/04/2009




I had a Mirena place about 3 months postpartum and I love it! The placement is the worst but only lasts a few minutes. There is some bleeding afterwards but it was well worth it. Also i am breastfeeding and it has not impacted my milk supply. I took Micronor after my third baby and really disliked it. i had a lot of spotting. I also became pregnant while taking it thus my 4th baby! Would never trade him though. Good Luck

Jessica - posted on 01/31/2009




I had a c-section and i got a mirena about 5 weeks after i had my son. its a little painful but its nice to know that i dont have to worry about a patch or pill. I dont have cramps anymore and, sorry if im to graphic, my period is only about 2 days and super lite like i could probly get away with a panty liner!!!!! LOVE IT!!! I would recomend it to my best friend. Its way worth the 3 minuts of pain in the doc's office!!

Amy - posted on 01/29/2009




I had Mirena inserted into my uterus at my 6 week post pard. checkup... the insertion was the worst part... it was very uncomfortable and painful... but it only lasted for about 15 seconds.  So far I LOVE IT!!  I have not had any side effects yet... and i have not had any periods either.. I have only had it for 2 months, but so far so good... i would recommend it if you can handle the pain of the implantation.  PLUS it last 5 years!

User - posted on 01/29/2009




My doctor suggested that I get the Paragard T which similar to the Mirena, except it has a copper wire instead of releasing hormones. I've had it for almost 6 months now and I haven't experienced any problems. The main reason I got it was because I have high blood pressure and anything with estrogen would make it worse.

Sheena - posted on 01/28/2009




After my six week checkup, I had the Mirena inserted. Unfortunately, I just had it removed after 6months because one of the side effects are ovarian cyst which typically disappear well I developed one and mine did disappear after rupturing. A rupture ovarian cyst is extremely painful. In addition, the ovarian cyst make intercourse painful, and periods are irregular. During my time on the IUD, my periods were worst I was in pain the week before and during my period.

I'm now on the Nuvaring, I love it! I have not had any side effects with this method. I was on this method in college and I like it alot. You just insert the ring just like a tampon every 3 weeks and take it out for a week, during that week you have a period and then reinsert for another 3 weeks and so forth. I never had an incident where the ring came out during intercourse and my partners never knew I had one.

In my opinion, the Mirena causes alot of problems and since I have had it removed I have meet many people in person and online that have developed issues and complications fromthis method. So if you consider it please please please research online and she what women who have had it and their experience.

I highly recommend the NuvaRing!

Ashley - posted on 01/24/2009




My dr put me on Errin, its a low dose and is ok to take while brestfeeding.

Alison - posted on 01/23/2009




I considered Mirena briefly, but was a little put off about the possibility of spotting for the first six months you're on it...don't know how common that actually is though.

I opted for a progestin (sp?) only (no estrogen in it) "mini-pill" since I'm breastfeeding. It's not supposed to mess with your milk supply.

Candace - posted on 01/23/2009




i have not heard anything about mirena, bt i went on Yasmin and i like it is great for acne, and not much side effects come with it!!

Good luck

Megan - posted on 01/23/2009




My doctor put me on Micronor. It is low dose that way no more horomones then necessary get into the brest milk. Once you stop BF'ing then you switch to the normal birth control pills or whatever you decide on afterwards.

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