Help!! I have a high-pitched screamer

Cliona - posted on 11/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi everyone i wonder could you advise me on what to do. My daughter will be 2 in 2 weeks and all of a sudden she has just started screaming on the top of her lungs. Just randomly. she could walk into a room and look at you and just scream. She is doing it everywhere now and it is quite embarrassing. I have tried ignoring it that doesn't work. I have tried time out that doesnt work. I have told her it isn't nice to do that she just tries to do it louder. I really feel like screaming back at her sometimes. If anyone has any words of wisdom i would be very grateful. thank you xx


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Robyn - posted on 03/16/2011




I was laughing so hard when I read this! I'm sorry, but it reminds me of my 2nd child, Christopher. He had a scream that could interrupt phone lines (I am NOT kidding!). If he wanted your attention, and didn't get it to his satisfaction, he would let out the highest and loudest shriek he could! I would calmly put my handover his mouth and remind him that he was not being nice. If he wanted my attention, he needed to tap me on the leg or shoulder and tell me what he wanted. We got through it. I promise, this too shall pass. But, it will pass a lot easier if you get a sense of humor about it, like Katie said. My husband and I didn't show Christopher, but we had several nights where we laughed at how he could make the telephone buzz.

Katie - posted on 01/29/2011




my lil girl has just started the same thing. we just recently taught her that when she doesent like something she must say "please stop it' i dont like it" (it sounds so cute when she says it) so now when she screems i sternley say to hey "HEY! please stop it i dont like it" and continue what i was doing or walk away..

it hasnt completely stoped her doing it of coarse but she understands that i dont like it and does it less and less.. i think its one of those horrible phases they go through.. hope it passes befor some elderly person has a heart atack in the chemist or something :) but if your in public and she does one of those screems dont get cranky.. just smile and think to your self "god she must have scared the SHIT out of that poor woman looking at the yoghurt" :-D

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