my son has sensory processing disorder and could use some advice :)

Kim - posted on 01/27/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My two year old is stubborn and independent and refuses to accept help. He likes messes including contents of his diaper if I don't catch it. He throws himself everywhere; he hits punches and throws fits when he doesn't get what he wants; I was very concerned about that because I thought I was doing something wrong. We have a speech therapist come once a week to help but his lack of interest has him fighting us most of the time.I fear that his lack of being able to communicate his feelings to us has caused behavioural issues (hopefully not permanent) and he's happier screaming for what he wants then signing or speaking what he wants with the exception of a good day which is very rare. He isn't incapable of learning he just refuses to comply to any request. I also have a four year old who is starting to manipulate and lie which doesn't help. There are SOOO many questions and concerns that I have for him involved with his neurological disorder so if there's anyone else on here that can relate or has knowledge of his disorder.. please, any advice would be helpful.


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Louise - posted on 01/28/2011




You say your son likes messes then why not try some messy play ie painting with his fingers where he can express his artistic side and also learn about spacial awareness and hand eye coordination. Play to his strong points and help him learn through play. I hope this helps.

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