Babies born in February 2004



leap day babies??

hi all, im new to group, my oldest son was born on leapday 2004. just wondered if any1 else gave birth that day here, and also how do they explain it to their child?? i tried to...



My February 2004 child has developed the regular use of lying and his little sister has started picking up on it. One example is he got in trouble for doing something and when...


Valentine's Babies

Does anyone else have a V-Day baby? I have a girl, so she doesn't mind having her birthday on Valentines. In fact, she thinks it makes her extra special. It's nice cuz it's easy...


feb 10th baby's !!

so it here if ur baby was born on frb 10th time , weight , name/ nick name ?? robert james rojo or rj was born at 2:53am 7lbs 2 oz 19 in long pitt hospital in N.C...



Can you believe they are done with the first year of school? My daughter had her promotion ceremony today and I am an emotional wreck. It's so hard to think that she can...


February 13 2004

Hi! My son Nicholas was born on February 13, 2004 which was a friday! Everyone kids him about being a friday the 13th baby! I was wondering if anyone else shares his birthday...



What does your Feb -08 child call you? mom? mommy? kiera calls me momma the llama?!



Hi All I took Zane to be fitted for some desperately needed new shoes yesterday and his feet have NOT grown in 12 months! He is the same size as last year. Anyone had...


Special time Ideas

My daughter is my 4th child and has always been my baby girl, we recently had another girl and now kiera is constantly pushed aside, from me (im ashamed to admit) her father and...



My 1st son was born Feb. 15/04. Anybody else have a child born on this day???


bedtime potty training

My almost five year old little girl still wears a pullup to bed at night. She has never woken up with a dry pullup. I have tried to just put her in bed in panties and then...



It is so hard for me to leave my son at school, and so very easy for him to leave. He is growing up SO fast, does anyone else feel this way?