Babies born in January 2006

Anything at all


Thum sucking

My daughter has a habbit of sucking her thum. I have tryed to put safe yucky tasting stuff on her thum and mild hot sauce. Nothing seems to work.. any other sugestions?


Monkey Bars...

Just curious... Can your child cross a full set of monkey bars by him/herself? Can he/she pull up and sit on the top of the bars alone? Can he/she hang from the knees without...


Night time potty training

my daughter will be 4 in jan and she has been potty trained during the day since she was 2 but we still cant get her to go at night. i wake her up everytime my son gets up for...


help my 4 year old is ambidextrous

how do i help him to write his name, when he swaps hands while doing it, he cant pick a hand he says the both feel the same with the pen in, surley by now he should know if he...



just checking out what this is all about.....!


sleeping w/o pull ups

i stop giving my daughter juice a couple hours before she goes to sleep, she wakes up mostly dry and gets on the potty first thing. it is hard and she gets mad but in the long...



Hi my name is Krystal. Im a mother of 3. I have a son Conner he is 4, a daughter Shayna she is 3 and another daughter Riley she is going to be 1. My middle child Shay was born...


Boy & sleep

How do I get my 3 yr old boy to go to bed and fall asleep? My girls are so easy! Routine does NOT work, being stern does NOT work....HELP!!


Potty Training

My daughter will only use the potty first thing in the morning. She will wake up & tell me that she has to us the potty. During the day, she wears pull-ups and about 90% of the...