Babies Born October 2009

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anyone in the killeen texas area need a play date. I know my daughter desperately needs one and I don't know anyone with children her age and am not about to pay to join a group.


Not Walking Yet...?

My son is a year old now and hasn't started walking yet... He balances himself pretty good just standing up and of there is something to lean on he will walk while holding on to...


yay for Milestones

I just wanted to say im so happy my little booger is growing up so quickly. Mostly mentally. She's a month ahead for her age and im a very lucky mom :) ive waited a very long...


Is my son behind for his age?

My son is 7 months old and doesn't seem to be doing some of the things that I see some of my friends babies do. He want sit up, unless I hold him in that position, he won't put...