Celebrating birthdays around Christmas

Lindsey - posted on 10/27/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,
My first baby is due on CHRISTMAS DAY!!! I'm hoping she'll come at least the day before or the day after. Even if the birthday is during the month of December it's still hard to separate it from the Holidays. What are your plans for birthday parties?

I'm thinking that during elementary years we could celebrate by having a half birthday (pool party) during the summertime. Then, we can celebrate the real birthday with family during Dec. It'd be so hard to have a party with school friends in Dec. with people traveling and getting ready for the holidays.

What are your thoughts?


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Jessica - posted on 11/15/2009




My daughter was due on December 16, 2006, but she stayed a bit late and I had her December 29. I was worried about the birthday issue as well, but the past couple of years it hasn't been an issue. But when I threw a party for her, I made sure there wasn't even a hint of Christmas. Unfortunately, no matter what you do to make sure the two are completely separate, there will still be people who don't quite understand. For both of my daughter's parties so far, at least half the people decided to wrap her present in Christmas people. (And a few insensitive people did the double-duty gift and cheaped out on us. I would think close family members would know better!)

I am not sure yet what I plan on doing during the elementary years. And I am especially boggled right now because I am scheduled to have my son via c-section this year on December 4. So I will have two different December birthdays and Christmas to think about, and I don't even know how I am going to plan my daughter's birthday this year.

My only suggestion would be if you have a birthday party for your child around the actual time of the birthday, then do it before the Christmas vacation at school begins rather than after. At least beforehand, there is magic in the air and no one is burned out on the holidays yet!

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We have a lot of December birthdays in my family. In fact, my aunt's three daughters all have birthdays within days of Christmas. December 23rd, 24th, and 28th. We always got together for Christmas on Christmas Eve so we'd throw a birthday table cloth on the long table, celebrate with cake and presents and then clean up. An hour later or so we'd have Christmas dinner, clean up and open Christmas gifts. The girls all have told me that they still felt gipped, but what can you do when you want to celebrate on their day and it happens to fall on a HUGE holiday?

Nicole - posted on 10/30/2009




We are going to celebrate the birthday separately, no combo presents, and give him a half birthday option when he is older. Just so you know it's incredibly rare to have your baby on your due date so you'll probably not go into labor on Christmas day!

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I'm due about the same time as you, Lindsey! :) They estimate sometime between Dec. 24th & 27th, but there is a good chance my little girl will be earlier than that. My own birthday is Dec. 21st, and I have to give my mom credit for always making me feel like my birthday was its own day, you know? Friends & family often tried to give me "combined" birthday & Christmas gifts (not in a cheap way, they were usually equal to two separate gifts), or combined parties, but Mom & Dad never did, and tried to give me my own party whenever possible. I still appreciate that - even into my 30s! It will mean a LOT to your little girl that you make her birthday a special time! I think the 1/2 birthday is a good idea, and you're definitely right about having a school party anytime in December - it is almost impossible when they are little, but as they get into middle and highschool, it does get easier to pull a group of friends together. Keep in mind, too, that Christmas will still be Christmas whenever you celebrate it. Lots of families still do gifts on Christmas Eve, so maybe you could do that, and then her birthday party (with mostly family, of course) on Christmas Day...

User - posted on 10/27/2009




My older son's birthday is December 14th. Last year, we had planned to have his birthday on his birthday, but he ended up in the hospital, so we had it mid-January. This year, due to the new arrival, we are going to have his birthday the weekend after Thanksgiving. As for the future, until school starts, I'll probably have thier parties together, then separate them as they make their own friends. I'm a member of Dec. 07 babies, and most people seem to favor having their parties as close to their birthday as possible, but making sure it's a separate event from Christmas. Personally, with yours being that close to Christmas, I'd have it mid december or mid-january. Good luck!!

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