Disaster 1st Birthday party!

Jasmine - posted on 12/19/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




ok so I had a birthday party for my son at this very nice place in town, I figured its his 1st so I have to do it big so I did, not to the extreme put myself in debt big, but BIG! Anyway, the beautiful party I imagined turned out to be almost no party at all! The party was to start at 2:30...I arrive at 2:30 to find none of my party guest have arrived! Not one! ok so I dont panic maybe they are in all the traffic running a little late...3o clock rolls around still no one...ok time to start calling people, no answers...ok the party is only from 2:30 to about 4-4L30 so what a waste the party FINALLY starts at 3:30 with about 6 kids where there was supposed to be about 15! they only did one activity where they were supposed to do atleast 3! and in the mean time we are being rushed around like were at a freakin chuckie cheese party because everything started late and they had to clean up. I dont feel as if I got my moneys worth and the party was ruined because no one arrived as required. I'm never doing a party somewhere again such a dissappointment! and worst thing about it is its all on dvd I pick up from them next week and now I have to relive the day over and over again :/

On the bright side everyone had a good time including my baby and complimented my choice of facility for the party, it was very unique I must say ;) could have been better if we got to enjoy all of the entertainment they offered, maybe we will get to attend a party there one day and see what we missed out on...Hope you had a better experience with your childs birthday than me, please share! Thanks!


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Melissa - posted on 12/23/2010




Sorry your party was such a bust! I definitely didn't plan for my son's first birthday. It was on the 11th which was a Saturday so we had the party on the 12th because I figured Sunday would be more convenient and open for everyone. I only really invited a few people. It turned out to just be my parents, my brothers, my sister in law, and three of my friends. There were about 7 people or so who had RSVP's that they would be there that just flat out didn't show up. I wasn't too upset because he still had a good time and it was just at my parents house so we all basically kicked back and hung out, but what annoyed me was I had checked with everyone as the week prior had come to an end to make sure I had an accurate head count (we wanted to make sure we had enough appetizers and drinks and what not) and everyone said they would be there, they just ended up no-shows. Hopefully next year go better for us all!!

Erica - posted on 12/22/2010




my daughters first birthday party didnt go as planned either- i invited friends with children my daughters age and my family... my husbands family couldnt be there bc they live in a different state... well i had almost 50 people reply so i planned for 50 people, and only about 25 showed- so i had ALOT of extra's at the end of the day... but i was okay with everyone not showing up - my daughter played in her cake and loved every minute of it - and played with her cousins that were there... bc only family showed up and 1 friend... but she had fun so i didnt stress over it not turning out to be everyone as long as shes happy, i'm happy.

Natasha - posted on 12/21/2010




at this age a big party is a no, no,first of all they will not remember it, and at this age children get very fussy when there is to much going on. My daughter will be turning 1 on Dec 28 and i am having a small party at the house mainly family.

Elfrieda - posted on 12/21/2010




I'm sorry your party didn't turn out the way you had planned.
I wanted a really low-key party, so I sent out an email to family and friends about 5 days before, inviting them to come over for "faspa",(which is a Mennonite term for toast and pickles and cheese and cookies and veggies, which we eat instead of supper on Sundays. I guess it's a bit like "tea".) I told them that we'd hang out until my son woke up from his afternoon nap, then we'd sing and give him the cake. Four adults and two babies came, and we had a very nice time. They brought presents, even though I had asked them not to. It was funny to watch my babe with the tissue paper. :) All in all it was a very fun evening, and the only bad thing was that we let my baby eat too much carrot cake and he woke up in the night with a stomachache!

Emma - posted on 12/20/2010




we are having a birthday tea for jj on boxing day, the people that truly matter will turn up. You could always try again when your child is a lil older. I must say aarons 2nd party was much better than his first namely because he was that much more excited and involved x

Heidi - posted on 12/20/2010




HI Everyone! I am sorry to hear that you guys all had tough 1st birthday parties. I am happy to report that my son's party was a complete success. My family flew into town and my husband's did too. We had some close friends and children. I hosted it at our house and everyone showed up on time! We (the adults) helped ourselves to the food I'd prepared (just appies) and drinks. About 1hr into the party, we sang Happy Birthday and had cake. My son had his own smash cake .. and at first wasn't sure what to do. But within minutes, he was throwing it around the kitchen and eating it all up. Sooo cute. We then opened gifts and after that, everyone left graduallyt. I am not sure it could have gone any better. I know my son won't remember it, but I will!

Kristy - posted on 12/20/2010




My daughter's birthday was the 15th. Her party was the 11th. My sister let me use her house to host. I went through A LOT of trouble getting toddler appropriate foods and adult foods too. We had a finger painting table set up, a ball pit (that I purchased) and a sit-n-spin, and lots of music. I invited several of the kids from church, a friend of mine and her son, and our entire family. No one from my husband's family came. There were 4 kids that attended: my daughter, my niece, my cousin's son, and my friend's son. I was disappointed, but the kids had a good time. That is all that matters. We played for I know 2 1/2 hrs. The cake was great, although Alexandra didn't tear into it like I imagined she would, LOL. Less of a mess to clean up :-). Everyone that did show up, thought it was a success. I mean how often/well can you entertain a 1yr old, two 2yr olds, and a 10mo old at the same time?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the December babies, and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jasmine - posted on 12/19/2010




Awwww Amy thanks for sharing! We only had family show up as well. It is very overwhelming for such a little guy who has no idea what is going on! Lol Glad to hear it was somewhat a success! Happy Birthday to your son btw. My sons actual birthday is today actually, around about this time too...

Amy - posted on 12/19/2010




my son will turn 1 on the 26th we had his party on the 18th. it didnt go so well for us we planned for noon but no one showed til closer to 12:30 even the grandparents. i had it at my sisters home it was mainly my parents and sister me and my husband his mother and his daughter 1 family friend and my sisters neighbor and her 2 girls. my son was over wehlmed by all the people we did prents first and that went ok. then cake time he wanted nothing to do with it we put a little taste in his mouth and he acted like he was gagging on the frosting that was on his lip. he screamed and threw a fit until most of the people left. the 1st birthday party is mainly for us mothers anyways so i figure oh well there will be other parties in the future he will enjoy. it didnt help that he got tired early to. but over all i think it went ok.

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