does anyone know about having two under two?

Nikki - posted on 06/12/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant and my son is almost 14 months old, he will 19 1/2 months when the baby is due, i havnt spent alot of time with any other kids so i dont know how much a 19 month old understands, is anyone else in the same sort of boat or know what it would be like?

im a single mum (the father of this one is a friend but thats it) so that makes it harder so im trying to prepare as much as possible.

thank you.

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Hailey - posted on 08/31/2009




I am 18 and a mother of a 20 month old...I am also almost 23 weeks pregnant...My son will be 2 by my due date...he was born Dec 22 and this baby is due Dec 31...

I am so worried about how I will give him enough time along with my newborn...Ayden is great with babies he holds them, burps them, feeds them, gives them there binky...He loves babies...My mom runs a daycare and a lot of friends and family have lil babies...

I was reading and it says that toddlers remember if you make them wait and cry. So if your baby is full filled and content, and they are just crying for you to hold them, let them cry because they will never remember...

Also I read that if you allow your older child to help you and feel important they won't feel resentment...

I'm in your shoes and have no clue what to do...I feel so guilty...I hope I could be a lil help to you...

Donna - posted on 08/27/2009




First of all try not to stress... Everything will work out :)
My first two are 16months apart... Amber was 6 months old when i fell pregnant with James. It was scary at first but you get use to it. Being that ur 2 will only be 19.5 months apart there shouldnt be alot of jealousy between them, you just have to reasure your Little one that he will always be loved and that he will always be mummy's little man no matter what... My daughter adjusted really well but being that it was a brother i could always tell her she would always be my no.1 baby girl and will always be that way.. i think that maybe why she has adjusted to mummy being pregnant again... coz we are having another boy.
But the main thing is try not to stress... things will work out

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i'm looking at two under two with this one... but its gotta be easier than two the same age! i have twins that are now seven. that was rough. i was a single mom at the time and i thought it might kill me! my 19 month old talks to the baby now, hugs and kisses my belly. i know that's a little older than a lot out there though... they will be 22 months apart so he does understand a bit more. but i do know this.... 2 under 2 has to be better than 6 under 6-- my mother in law did it and i don't know how!

Marissa - posted on 08/12/2009




Ahh yes, Two under Two... Lucky you! lol. Its hard to say the least, my oldest will just turned 4 when this one is born. 16M, 14M and 15M apart. Its a hard thing in the biginning - they dont really understand. the oler ones just dont understand what gentle is... gotta just keep an eye on them - and tie up your running shoes first thing in the morning.

Tiffany - posted on 08/11/2009




im in the same boat my daughter is 16 months and im 5 months pregnant with a little boy and i havent had many people but i have had alot of positive feedback frm the few people i have talked too if that helps any which i doubt

Heather - posted on 08/11/2009




My first two who are now 10 and 9 are barely 20 months apart. My daughter was really excited to have a baby brother...she called him "My Bubbie". I became a single Mom when they were 2 and 3. I pretty much decided it was easier to raise them like twins, by that I mean when one needed something they both got it. It made things so much easier. Their Dad and I got remarried last Oct and have baby #3 due Dec 21st. My advice to you is don't sweat the small stuff, they grow up way too fast...everything will work out just fine. :)

Amy - posted on 07/30/2009




my sister has 4 under 4! a-4, b-3, c-2 (in sept) d-1 (in oct) don't worry you will be fine

User - posted on 07/10/2009




Our first tow there is 17 months difference. We took it really slowly with introducing the baby (though had read books at home about a new baby arriving), we didnt push her and let her see the baby when she wanted to and didnt force kissing or cuddling him. When she was ready we let her be as involved as she wanted to be. We never had any problems with jealousy.

Now they love each other very much and get along well. We are hoping the same tactics work this time - we are going to have 3, 3years and under.

Nikki - posted on 06/28/2009




I've had some good advice about buying my son a baby doll and playing dolly with him to get him ready, never thought i would ever play with a doll (so not a girly girl) but my 14 month old son gives it its dummy, and bottle, and we practive being gental with the baby, and a friend told me to give him a more life size doll and some things to go with it so he can feel like hes playing mummy too (as much as my dad thinks a boy should be a boy *beats chest* lol) also as you said give him a present from the baby. I've also made sure that he will have his own things and his own space so he doesnt feel like the baby is 'taking over' and they also said just make sure he's mummys little helper so he doesnt feel left out. fingars crossed!

Alanna - posted on 06/23/2009




Hi guys!

I am 14+1 day pregnant and I have a 6 month old ( on the 25th) and a 5 year old. I cannot wait to have this next baby but am crapping my pants over how the heck I am going to do it with two little babies at two different stages. lol

Its so exciting, and congrats to all you mommys who are pregnant yay!!!!

EMILY - posted on 06/20/2009




Im 12 weeks pregnant with a 61/2 month baby boy already he will be 13 months when baby arrives. I also have a 4 & 5 yr old the only thing i can say from memory is that there wasn t ant jealousy from my son as he was to young, also we bought him a little tricycle from the baby so he loved her straight away as she gave him a gift.He was 20 months when she was born. I do worry about making my current youngest grow up too quick for example im hoping he will be walking when this baby arrives to make things easier for me but that really isn t fair on him, but im sure things will fall into place when it arrives. Good luck to you all !!!!

Amanda - posted on 06/12/2009




I have a 6 month old and i'm 12 weeks pregnant again. I am so nervous. Congrats.

Samantha - posted on 06/12/2009




I'm 13 weeks pregnant with an 8 month old. They will be 14 months apart. I have no clue what to expect, but I'm trying to think positive. I'm married, but my husband is deploying 2 weeks before my due date, so I'll be a "single mom" for a year after this baby is born. I've heard conflicting stories from Moms that have little ones close together. I guess we'll find out soon enough. :)

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