Dr. gave go ahead to try rice cereal and other foods. any ideas?

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My daighter really loves the rice cereal and it is keeping hermuch more full than the formula alone. But I dont know what baby food I should try after rice cereal... a fruit... a veggie... something else? Any ideas?


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Courtney - posted on 04/16/2010




I've been doing veggie for three days, then fruit for 3 days, then anoher veggie and back to fruit and so forth and once she's gone through and I'm sure there are no allergies, I plan on doing a fruit in the morning and a veg at night. My kiddo has been eating 3-4 tbs rice cereal with a jar of baby food twice a day for about a week now and seems to like everything except peas!! I have been told numerous times that a kid needs to eat something ten times before you can really know of they like It or not tho, so I'm not giving up yet!! I try everything I make for her and so far my personal favorites are the plum organic bananas (they come in a fun squeezy pouch and you can get them at babies r us) and the earths best carrots (at target). I mix the cereal, milk I've pumped, and half the jar of whatever it is and the other half of the jar I feed her straight so she can see what things taste like on their own.
Also, the rumor is that if you start on veggies first it keeps kids from developing a sweet tooth for r fruits, but m daughter seems to like everything just fine.

Danielle - posted on 04/15/2010




Go for some fruits...til you have them all done...then go to veggies.

Try banana's everyone likes those :) i know my lil boy loves them

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