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Lori - posted on 08/02/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




When's a good time to start giving finger foods? My 7 month old doesn't have any teeth but I've heard it's okay to go ahead and give her finger foods. I bought a box of Yum Yum waffer cookie things. My husband gave her one last week and nearly had a heart attack. He thought she was going to choke on it. What's the best thing to give her (if anything) since she doesn't have teeth?


Angela - posted on 08/02/2010




I started with toast - breaking bits off my toast and squishing it a bit - then worked up to toast fingers. My son (7 1/2 months) now has soft fruits and steamed cauliflower and broccoli, grated carrot and apple, cold roast veges whole- potato, pumpkin etc, fish fingers are great too - I just take the crumb off and Cohen eats the middle.

When we started he had no teeth and now he has just 1 lonely tooth.

Some info / tips ..

Avoid foods that are hard as hard pieces may break off (such as raw whole carrot or apple)

The gag reflex is normal and important for children to be allowed to do it - it's the bodies natural safety mechanism.
A baby won't get upset or react to it unless you do.

Always have your child sit when eating and sit with your child while they are learning.
(most choking accidents happen when a child is moving around)

Mimic chewing - eat with them.

Mash their main meals rather than puree to introduce new textures and lumps to motivate the chewing.

This stage is very important for developing fine motor skills and independence.

It is scary at first I'll admit but so rewarding (and hilarious) to watch as my determined little man gets vegemite toast up his nose :)

You are the best judge so try just a little at a time until your confidence grows.

All the best xx

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i give my daughter gerbers yogurt melts and puffs. she loves them and the dissolve as she chews them so she doesnt choke. she doesnt have teeth either


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Maggie - posted on 08/02/2010




I started giving my son, toast fingers, fruit fingers, milk biscuits, at 6 months, at 7 months he fed himself all table foods. Almost 8 months, still no teeth either). Once baby can gag properly it should be safe

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