How long does your 2 month old sleep at night?

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My son is 2 1/2 months and still wakes up every 3-4 hours at night to this normal? how can i get him to sleep longer?


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this is very normal, and in fact not that bad. my 8 week old son sometimes gets up every hour. babies need to be fed throughout the night unilt they are at least 15 lbs or 6 months. i would speak to your doctor before trying to train her. you csan cluster feed - feed every hour strating at 6pm until bed time, which has been known to help. i am weary about a 12 week old sleeping through the night!

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Oh do I have an answer for you on this one... I hope anyone else having these problems will see my post. I spoke with an amazing woman named Sue recently who used to be a midwife and I believe is a RN still. She had us put our daughter on "sleep training" a week ago and last night she slept 7 hours! Before we started we were pretty lucky, she would do a 4 hour stretch, but that wasn't ideal.

How it goes is that starting at 5 or 6 pm you have to feed your baby every 2.5 hours and as much as he/she will eat. Don't wait for 3 hours and don't wait for baby to tell you they are hungry. So starting at 5pm, you'd feed at 5, then at 7:30 and then at 10 and whatever start time you pick, you have to keep baby up until the last feed. At the last feed, give them as much as they an eat and then burp well and put them to bed.

If baby wakes in the middle of the night to feed, feed them but don't talk to them at all and don't change the diaper unless it's poopy. If it's a pee diaper just feed and put back to bed. Oh, keep the lights dim also. Basically just feed and then put back to bed. If baby reaches 12 weeks and isn't sleeping 8 hours, then we were told that you have to go 72 hours of letting them wake in the middle of the night and crying it out. Babies are healthy enough and big enough to go 8 hours without a feed at 12 weeks. However my daughter is now 10 weeks and after only a week of sleep training sleeps 7 hours.

Her first night of sleep training she did 7 hours straight, 2 - 4th nights she did about 6 hours and last night again it was 7 hours. I don't think we'll have to do the 72 hour thing as she seems to have picked it up really well already. Oh, and I am breast feeding with formula top up. The last feed has to be formula only as it fills baby better.

After her 7 hour sleep my husband wakes with her, feeds her as if it was the middle of the night and puts her back down and she usually gets another 2 hours at that time to allow me to sleep in.

All I can say is it's worked for us, best of luck to you!


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