how to get my son to drink both breast milk and formula

Larissa - posted on 07/10/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a question.. my son is 6 months old right now.. he use to drink formula, but we had a big move to japan and well it was just easier to fully breastfeed and now he wont take to formula or even juice.. did anyone else have this problem? if so did you get your baby back on formula.. also is there anyway i can get him to drink the formula again just so he can be on both.. i just want it for convenience.. so that i can start working again.. i cant really pump because he drinks a lot of times off of me and i cant even pump out an ounce when i want to.. so inputs will be very helpful..


Lindsey - posted on 07/11/2010




i had the problem of not making enough for my son, and started him off with bottles right away. i would just pump it out and then put it in a bottle, no problem. but when i started him on formula he started to notice the difference between bottles and skin. so every time that i would go to feed him a bottle, i would stick my clean finger in his mouth, or breastfeed him for a minute or two, and slip the bottle in his mouth. he doesn't mind the formula too much anymore, but he still prefers being breastfed. i have always had a problem with my milk supply so i would fill in his feedings with formula. i hope you have good luck with your son, i know it can be difficult! :)

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