My 8 month old baby girls hair?

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Hey ladies,

I have an 8 month young lil girl (African American) when she was born she had a hair full of thick curly hair, at around 5 months her hair become to fall out but is now growing back, it is still naturally cury and sof, but a little thin. I would like to know how long it took for your baby girls hair to grow, it has a little length to it to pull into ponytails, but it's still thin I don't want to put all that pressure on it. Please give me advice on some products you use that are working if any? I look forward to hearing your feedback, if you look through my profile you will see some of her pictures there. Thx!


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My little had a head full of soft curly hair for the get go. It is now extremely thick and curly but rougher. My baby did not experience shedding (which is normal) and neither did I. But as for her hair care now I co - wash it (was with a conditioner) 2-3 times a week and apply a leave in conditioner and 100% pure coconut oil. But you may not have to do as much if you baby girl has soft air. Mine does not! AT ALL. But I would say stop using johnsons and johnson because it is probably harsher on African American hair.... good luck

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My 9 month old daughter was born with a head full of hair, and it never came out. She has a nice thick bush going on. :-) I wash her hair once a week, and I use an organic soap that I also use to bathe her. I also use a little Carol's Daughter Hair Balm every few days, or a little organic coconut oil. Recently I started doing a couple of things with her hair, large twist or a braid in the front and on the sides. I haven't put any ponytails in her hair yet. I don't want anything tight in her hair. I've also been putting bows and headbands on her hair since she's been about 4 months.

I think it'll eventually come in nicely. I really don't think it's particular products that will get it to grow in better at this point. Just wash it and don't comb it too often. I like when I have twists in her hair, that way I don't have to comb it, which adds more stress on it. Don't worry, it'll be fine. :-)

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I have heard that baby shampoo makes the babies hair stop growing , but maybe thats a myth. My salon told me to start using regualr shampoo and cond. I did not see much of a difference though. Just fell lucky to have hairy baby. I got some baldies. My daughter mayee barely has a tiny ponytail at three. Zoie is nine months and is bald.


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it is normal for a babies hair to fall out at about 5 months sometimes beforehand. It does grow back but it can take it's time. Don't be worried about hair it will change and develope at it's own rate like your child. My daughter is nearly 9 months and her hair is quite short and i don't use clips or bows or anything just leave it. It gets washed once a week as I don't want it clogged with shampoo and she isn't moving yet so she isn't that dirty. if it is still very thin when she is 3 years old then she might need a product but it is what it is x

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My daughter was born with alot of hair and its never fallen out. I just use the johnstones baby shampoo every seccond bath and every other bath it just gets a good rinse with water. I dont tie my girls hair back because trying to do so just agrivates her and im against using bows and clips mostly because she puts everything in her mouth and i dont want her to choke

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Don't be too concerned. My eldest didn't get her first haircut until she was 3 1/2 years! And she was born with beautiful soft, silky black hair which fell out at 5 months and regrew blonde. It wasn't until she was around 18 months old that it was long enough to tie up. Enjoy not having to worry about fixing her hair as it is quite a challenge to get a toddler to sit still! :D

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My daughter was born with a head full of hair as well and she ended up getting cradle crap (cap) so severe she went completely bald by 2 months old and grew it back by 5 months old. She soon going to be 9mo and her hair is lighter shade of brown now than at birth and it seems a lot thinner too. Every baby is different. Its not permanent. I'm sure it'll get thicker as they get older. I know its frustrating and feels like its taking forever. Be thankful your daughter has any hair:) a lot of people have bald babies that stay that way till their 1st bday or longer. I personally would be careful about using hair ties to put her hair up in pig tails. You have to take into consideration her hair is thin and babies have a sensitive scalp. Make sure they're lose and not pulling. I'm gonna wait awhile before I attempt to play with my daughters hair. Not saying I dont put head bands on her and bows :)

Hope that helps, even a little.....

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